Stone refurbishment refers to repairing, grinding, and polishing the newly paved stone, or repairing, grinding, and polishing the old damaged stone to eliminate the height difference and maintain the stone’s brightness and flatness. It also renews its natural and luxurious nature.

Stone renovation is divided into marble renovation, terrazzo renovation, artificial renovation, granite renovation and so on. Different stone materials, the renovation process is also different, but the same. (For example, the overall density of marble is lower than that of granite, but the number of types is difficult to count. The density difference is not small, so the grinding time and materials used for refurbishment will also vary. Granite has a higher density. , So the renovation will take longer.)


First, the tools used in stone renovation are:

Stone refurbishing machine, single brush machine, hand throwing machine, angle grinder, stone slitting machine (cutting machine) and other tools and equipment.

Second, the materials used in stone renovation are:

Crystal powder, crystal hardener, diamond polishing pad, polishing pad, abrasive brush, marble adhesive, hot rubber, red pad, white pad, steel wool and other materials.

Third, the stone renovation process:

Spiral polishing pad

1. First clean up the original fillings between the stone gaps, and then use a special stone slitting machine to cut the slits of the original stone installation neatly to reduce the gap width between the stones to a minimum. The color is filled with marble adhesive.

2. Use marble glue close to the color of the stone and perfect color matching, so that it is close to the color of the original stone to improve the overall sense and achieve the best visual effect.

3. Fill the adjusted marble glue. Because the marble glue will shrink to a certain degree after it is completely solidified, the marble glue should be slightly higher than the stone level, so that it will not be filled multiple times.

4. Use polishing pads and fillers to make it a horizontal surface with the stone, increase the overall sense of the stone, and solve the problem of the height between the gaps to prevent the gaps from turning black again. The granite refurbishment machine is used together with the special cutting polishing pad to carefully polish the cutting position, so that it becomes a flat whole with the stone.


5. Grinding and polishing: Use a special stone rock polishing machine to grind from coarse, medium and fine sizes. If rough ground is found during the grinding process, the ground has pits, drops, crystals, and honey. After the watch is completely dry, it must be repaired separately. After the overall grinding, the ground flatness cannot be seen by waves, which makes the ground bright and flat as new.

6. Crystallization treatment: The stone crystal powder and crystal agent are used in combination with the crystal surface sander to polish. Under the weight of the grinding, the stone and the crystal powder undergo a comprehensive physical and chemical reaction under the action of high temperature to form a dense and hard crystalline protective layer. . After crystallization, it can enhance the color and brightness, and can also achieve anti-slip, waterproof and oil-proof effects.