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What are the types of robot bearings

Robot bearings are mechanical components used in robotic systems to enable smooth and controlled motion. They are designed to reduce friction and facilitate the rotation or linear movement of different robot parts, such as joints, arms, wheels, or conveyor belts. Bearings are critical for maintaining precise alignment, minimizing wear and tear, and maximizing efficiency in robotic […]


The shaft forging process is a manufacturing method used to produce shafts with superior strength, durability, and reliability. It involves shaping and forming a solid metal billet into the desired shaft shape through the application of heat and pressure. SHAFT FORGING PROCESS Billet Preparation: The process begins with the selection of a suitable metal billet, […]

What are the different types of lockers?

Lockers come in various types, designed for different purposes and settings. Here are some common types of lockers: Standard Lockers These are the most basic and widely used lockers. They typically consist of individual compartments, each with its own door and lock, providing personal storage space for individuals. Standard lockers can be found in schools, gyms, […]

How much is a steel folding bed

A steel folding bed, also known as a metal folding bed or a steel frame folding bed, is a type of portable bed that is designed to be easily folded and stored when not in use. It consists of a sturdy steel frame that provides support and stability, along with a folding mechanism that allows the […]

What are the file cabinet specifications?

In our office environment, file cabinets are more commonly used, mainly used to store documents, materials, files, etc. File cabinets play a very important role in improving people’s office efficiency and high-order office. With the demand of the market, There are more and more types, styles, and specifications of filing cabinets. Let’s take a look […]


Closed die forging, also known as impression die forging, is a metal forming process in which a heated metal billet is shaped and compressed within a closed die set. This process is commonly used in a wide range of industries due to its ability to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy. Here […]


Closed die forging, also known as impression die forging, is a metalworking process used to shape and form metal parts by hammering or pressing a metal workpiece between two dies that contain a specific pattern or impression. Closed die forging is a high-pressure, high-temperature process that produces high-quality parts with excellent mechanical properties. The closed […]

What size is a thin wall bearing?

Thin wall bearings, also known as thin section bearings or slim bearings, are specialized types of ball bearings that have a small cross-sectional thickness in comparison to their bore diameter. These bearings are designed for applications where space is limited or weight reduction is desired without compromising load-carrying capacity. They are commonly used in industries […]

What are the application fields of wire raceway bearings?

Wire raceway bearings, also known as crossed roller bearings, are a type of bearing that are commonly used in applications where high precision and rigidity are required. They are especially useful in situations where there is a need for rotational movement with limited axial and radial clearance, and where space is limited. Wire raceway bearings […]

What is the size of tractor clutch plate?

A tractor clutch plate, also known as a clutch disc, is a critical component of the clutch system in a tractor. The clutch plate is located between the tractor’s engine flywheel and the clutch pressure plate. Its primary function is to engage and disengage power transmission between the engine and the transmission system, allowing the tractor […]