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Introduction to the use of diamond polishing pads

Diamond polishing pad is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive and combined with composite materials. The back is glued with Velcro cloth, which is glued to the joint of the grinding machine. It is used for grinding, stone, ceramic, glass, and floor tiles. Special-shaped processing of other materials, suitable for stone polishing, […]

Introduction of concrete polishing construction technology

With the continuous development of concrete materials and construction techniques, people’s performance requirements for concrete are not limited to compressive strength, but on the basis of strength, more attention is paid to the comprehensive indicators of concrete durability, deformation performance, aesthetics and decoration performance. Balance and coordination. Polished concrete is a typical representative of concrete […]

How to maintain marble

Marble is hard material, which is one reason why people choose it as home decoration material. Although marble is strong, beautiful and elegant, it is a more sensitive material. You can usually use the term “externally soft and internally strong” to describe it. Marble has a hard inner quality, but the polished appearance is extremely […]

Marble floor polishing pad polishing process

Because of the long-term use of marble, the brightness and gloss of the crystal surface of the marble surface will disappear, which will affect the overall decoration design of the home. When the brightness and gloss of the crystal surface of the marble disappear, what method can we use to make the marble crystal surface […]

Introduction of granite renovation technology

Granite is also called granite, and it is composed of quartz and mica. Its hardness value is about 6.5. If it is used for a long time, it will become weathered and wear out. Mica shedding is its most obvious feature. At this time, there are a small amount of pits on the surface of […]

What are the epoxy floor repair methods?

Epoxy floor is a kind of floor product with very good decoration and function. Due to some reasons such as use, maintenance, construction, service life, etc., the epoxy floor will be damaged. Then when the epoxy floor is damaged , How do we repair it? First of all, follow the diamond polishing pad manufacturers to […]

6 steps of natural stone seamless treatment process

Natural stone is widely used as a paving material, and the noble, elegant, and luminous decorative fruits are deeply loved by people. In the stone maintenance system, there are continuously improving waxing, crystal surface treatment and other processes to ensure the brightness of the stone surface. The only difference is that the adjacent joints of […]

What are the renovation and transformation processes of industrial floors?

The ground is frequently used in the building, so it is easy to be damaged. Due to the limitation of technology, many old grounds (such as epoxy, emery, terrazzo, floor tiles, cement floors, etc.) gradually exposed their defects and appeared different The problem of form and degree, so to a certain degree, needs to be […]

What are the differences between stone depth and shallow renovation?

Due to various factors, such as natural factors, man-made factors, or the stone itself, it will cause the pollution of the stone to lose its luster. At this time, it is necessary to renovate the stone to restore its original natural texture and gloss. Stone renovation can be divided into deep and shallow renovation according […]