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What is the classification of vertical growth racks?

In China, soilless cultivation began in the 1970s, mainly to cultivate soilless seedlings of rice and vegetable crops. At this time, the cultivation method was mainly flat cultivation. With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the cultivation form of soilless culture has begun to be used for soilless cultivation of […]

Common oil tank truck faults and solutions

In daily life, oil tank truck is a very common means of transporting dangerous goods, because its transportation objects are mostly all kinds of flammable and explosive oil products, so the safe transportation of oil tanker is the key of every tanker driver. What should be paid attention to, what are the common oil tank […]

How to improve the life of the belt conveyor?

In the production activities of mining, metallurgy, coal, machinery, electric power and other industries, various types of conveying equipment are often used. Belt conveyor is one of the most widely used equipment. Belt conveyor has reliable operation and high degree of automation. The characteristics of large conveying volume, long conveying interval and convenient maintenance are […]

Common sense of use of calcium hydroxide production line

The calcium hydroxide production line adopts a double-shaft stirring structure and consists of a bucket elevator, a special pulse dust collector, a digester, a semi-finished product conveyor, a powder separator, and a PLC control system. The calcium production line has a series of advantages such as environmental protection, automation, and reduction of labor consumption. So do you […]

Do you know how tractor clutches work?

In modern agricultural production, tractor is a very important machine, and no other machine can replace the work of tractor. Therefore, tractor is widely used in agricultural production at home and abroad. The use of the tractor clutch can ensure the smooth shifting and shifting of the tractor, and is one of the important accessories to ensure […]

Paper tube machine operating procedures and precautions

Paper tube machine is an important mechanical equipment specially used for paper tube production. Many industries will use this equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the paper tube machine and ensure production efficiency, when we use the paper tube machine, we must follow the paper There are also many problems that need to be […]

Selection points of harmonic reducer bearings

Harmonic reducer bearing, as the name suggests, is a special bearing for harmonic reducer. The special bearing of the harmonic reducer generally uses the crossed roller bearing. The bearing selection of the harmonic reducer should be based on the different occasions of the equipment, and different bearing models should be selected. Generally speaking, it can […]

How to do the maintenance of crane slewing bearing?

In cranes, tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes and other lifting equipment, the slewing bearing plays a very important role. It can form a connection between the chassis and the upper structure of the machine, allowing the crane to rotate 360 ​​degrees, while bearing the axial, radial and direction and overturning moment. The open design of the […]

What are the commonly used forging equipment?

In forging processing, forging equipment is mainly used for metal forming and metal separation, so it can also be called metal forming machine tool. The forming principle of forging equipment is to exert pressure on the metal, and the large impact force is the main feature of this type of equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the […]

How to use the vibrating screen exciter correctly?

We all know that when some machinery and equipment need to generate excitation force, if the machine itself does not have this function, it needs to add some vibration devices. The vibrating screen needs to use mechanical vibration to screen materials. Therefore, vibration The screen exciter has become one of the important components of the […]