How to use concrete polishing pads?

The production and sales of Tianbang Grinding Tablets include a series of special grinding discs for concrete floor treatment, such as diamond grinding discs, thick grinding discs, thin grinding discs, polishing sheets, etc., with various refurbished machines and floor grinders for industrial plants and warehouses. Grinding and polishing of concrete floors, hardened wear-resistant floors, terrazzo floors, etc.

The first step: Leveling

1. Remove the loose surface layer of the old floor: The Tianbang King Kong grinding piece can easily remove the loose surface layer of the floor. Recommended configuration: medium and large floor grinding machine.
2, the flat surface treatment of poor flatness: first use the diamond grinding sheet to initially level, in the concrete thick grinding sheet roughing and leveling, and then select the appropriate concrete thick grinding sheet or thin grinding sheet grinding treatment.
3. Surface treatment of large-area repairing floor: It is recommended to grind and level with diamond grinding disc before the ground is completely cured. After curing, it is roughly ground with a thick grind of concrete. Accurately grasping the timing of grinding makes floor treatment easy and easy.

The second step: Rough grinding

1. After the ground leveling treatment, select a thicker concrete thickening sheet or a thin grinding sheet for coarse grinding. It is recommended to use medium and large floor grinding machines.
2. terrazzo floor, concrete colored sand floor, uniform frosted dry hardener floor: according to the floor hardness selection of coarse number of concrete thick grinding pieces, supporting medium and large grinding machine can improve grinding efficiency and make the ground flatness better .

The third step: Fine grinding and fine grinding

1. The new aggregate hardener floor keeps the surface effect of the original pulp: it is better to choose a suitable fine grinding concrete thin grinding sheet. A new floor with good mechanical light is easy to make a uniform surface effect.
2. the ground after the rough grinding: select the concrete thin grinding piece suitable for fine grinding, thick grinding piece, thin grinding piece are used. The matching medium and large grinding machine can improve the grinding efficiency and make the ground flatness better.

The fourth step: Polishing

Concrete polishing should be carried out after fine grinding or fine grinding on the ground. Before polishing, the floor should be washed and dried. It is recommended to use concrete thin grinding discs for dry throwing. The polishing effect is related to the hardness, flatness and pre-treatment effect of the ground. The use of concrete thin grinding discs after dry throwing is polished with Tianbang concrete polishing sheet, which can significantly improve the brightness of the ground.

Concrete polishing pad technology application and theoretical consumption table

CategoryCoarse grindingFine grindingPrecision grindingPolishing
5 inch,7inch,13 inch30 mesh、50 mesh、150 mesh200 mesh、300 mesh500 mesh、800 mesh1000 mesh、2000 mesh、3000 mesh
Consumption (rough cement surface)20m2 per piece30m2 per piece38m2 per piece70m2 per piece
Consumption (normal cement surface)25m2 per piece30m2 per piece45m2 per piece90m2 per piece
Consumption (hard ground)30m2 per piece45m2 per piece50m2 per piece10m2 per piece

Principles of concrete polishing technology

By reacting the silicon component in the concrete twinning hardener with the free calcium ions in the concrete, the calcium ions in the concrete become firm, increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the concrete, so that the hardness of the concrete can reach Mohs 8, because the concrete The twinning hardener will penetrate completely into the interior of the cement, so it does not increase the thickness of the concrete itself. It can last the same life as a building, so you don’t have to worry about post-maintenance problems.

The advantages of concrete polishing floor, in addition to easy cleaning, low cost of maintenance and long service life, it is very suitable for high-traffic public places with high wear coefficient. Concrete polishing also reduces allergens and inhibits mold growth. In addition, it has been proved by practice that high-reflective concrete polished floors can enhance natural light and have a certain effect on reducing lighting energy consumption.

Selection of concrete polishing pad

Polishing pad selection / construction process Leveling Coarse grinding Fine grinding Static grinding Polishing
Concrete metal grinding block Thick—Fine / / / /
Metal polishing pad 30#—60# 120# / / /
Concrete metal polishing pad 30#—150# 150#—300# / / /
Concrete thick polishing pad 30#—50# 50#—150# 150#—500# 500#—1500# 1500#—3000#
Concrete thin polishing pad / 30#—150# 150#—500# 500#—1500# 3000#—6000#
Concrete polishing pad / / / / /