Marble floor polishing pads


What is a marble floor polishing pad

Marble floor polishing pad is made of high-quality binder material, exquisite mold and advanced production technology. The blade has uniform edge, sharp and durable, stable quality, long service life, high work efficiency, good surface finish and environmental protection. Poison does not fade;

Marble floor polishing pad is widely used in stone polishing and renovation, stone processing, floor treatment, ceramic tile production industry. With a complete specification of the granular color system, there are a variety of shapes, specifications, and various granularity numbers are easy to distinguish, and can be flexibly matched with various stone refurbished machines and polishing machines according to needs and habits.

The particle size of the grinding disc is 30#—3000#, and the number is grinded from coarse to fine, and the number can be selected according to the actual construction site. It is the most commonly used stone refurbished polishing pad, which has low cost and high overall cost performance.

Marble floor polishing pad parameters

Name Marble floor polishing pad Specification 4 -13 inch
Material Synthetic diamond, resin binder Number 30-3000#
Thickness 3mm Outer diameter 100mm
Package 10 pieces / box 200 pieces / box Scope of application Marble, artificial stone, tile grinding and refurbishing

A 30,100 mesh, 300 mesh marble floor polishing pad was sanded by a grinder (water wet grinding). Grinding 3-5 times depending on the ground conditions. It is necessary to level the ground as much as possible, and the flatter the ground, the better the later effect.


Depending on the ground conditions, you can choose not to do 30 and 100 mesh.