6 inch diamond polishing pads


Trade information

MOQ: 3000 pieces

The thickness of the grinding discs are:   3mm.5mm.6mm, 8mm, 12mm.


Wholesale prices:

3 mm unit price of 1.5 US dollars;

6 mm unit price 2 US dollars;

8 mm unit price of 2.5 US dollars;

12 mm unit price of 3 US dollars;

6 inch diamond polishing pads are used for the renovation of concrete floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the popular liquid hardener floor projects, which can be flexibly matched according to needs and habits. Used in hand grinders or refurbished machines, DS grinding discs of different sizes are used for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

Diamond water mill features

★Unique resin bonding agent, strong grinding force;

★The polishing speed is fast and the finish is high;

★ high wear resistance and long service life;

★No scratches and color left on the stone after grinding and polishing (not easy to dye)

Category coarse grinding Fine grinding Precision grinding Polishing
6 inch diamond polishing pads 30 mesh、50 mesh、150 mesh 200 mesh、300 mesh 500 mesh、800 mesh 1000 mesh、2000 mesh、3000 mesh
Consumption (rough cement surface) 30m2 per piece 35m2 per piece 60m2 per piece 200m2 per piece
Consumption (normal cement surface) 45m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 70m2 per piece 200m2 per piece
Consumption (hard ground) 45m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 70m2 per piece 200m2 per piece


  1. The above dosage is the theoretical consumption, and the actual consumption will vary according to the strength and flatness of the base surface;
  2. The above dosage is the consumption of grinding with a light scrubber. If you use high-speed grinding equipment, the dosage will change greatly.

The 6 inch diamond polishing pad is divided into dry grinding and wet grinding according to the working condition, and the wet grinding is relatively extensive (ie adding water grinding). However, more special places and materials also need to use dry grinding methods, such as wall, travertine, concrete and so on.