Granite floor polishing pads


Granite floor polishing pad performance

Granite floor polishing pad is generally 30#, 50#, 100#, which is often used for rough grinding or trimming. It has high efficiency and fast speed, but the wear marks are deep. Generally, the pressure of the equipment should not be too large, and the speed of the pusher should not be too fast. According to the classification of stone, diamond polishing pads can also be divided into Granite floor polishing pad and marble polishing pad. In general, granite is harder to grind and polish due to its hardness. There are also some special stones, such as black series stone, which is easy to fade; red granite (such as Indian red, South African red, etc.) is hard and difficult to grind; for these stones, the specific granite floor polishing pad should be used for grinding and polishing. In order to achieve the desired grinding and polishing effect.

According to different grinding and polishing needs, it is generally recommended to be below 400# when the whole stone is ground. For example, 30#, 50#, 100#, 200#, 400# use rigid grinding discs (that is, hard grinding sheets), 600#, 800 #,1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 3000# use flexible grinding discs. This can make the flatness of the stone very good and achieve a good polishing effect.

Equipment, accessories and consumables for granite renovation: stone refurbishing agent, full set of granite polishing pads, 17-inch red polishing pad, water absorbing machine, signboard, watering can, photometer, glass scraper, wiper and bucket.

Granite floor renovation process

1. Set up a signboard at the work site. To prevent mud and dirt from splashing on the wall, stick the bottom of the wall with a plastic transparent film. Add water to the water tank of the stone refurbished machine, connect the power supply, prepare various types of metal grommets, flower polishing pads, etc., and adjust the equipment and ground level to prepare for work. If there is old wax on the ground, wax first.

2. Use a thick metal mouthwash disc and install it on the refurbished disc dial. Each time grinding about 1 square meter of area, push and pull repeatedly, the stone cutting part is ground to smooth, the amount of water is moderate during grinding, dry grinding is prohibited, use a water suction machine to suck dry, absorb the ground.

3. With the metal mouth plate of the fine mouth, grind in order, the genuine cut, eliminate the rough wear marks. Repeat grinding, scraping, and drying the ground.

4. Continue to grind using 50#, 200#, 400#, 800# granite floor polishing pads.

5. Then use 1500#, 3000# granite floor polishing pads to polish the surface, then wash and dry the stone surface.