Diamond floor polishing pads


Diamond floor polishing pad is mainly used for cement floor polishing. It is polished and polished by large-scale grinding machine. It is sealed and solidified by Naluite armor and silk, and the concrete surface is sealed to make the concrete floor beautiful, dustproof, wear-resistant and anti-seepage. Stamina resistant. According to the gloss of the polished floor, the diamond floor polishing pads can be divided into three categories: industrial grade, commercial grade, and top grade.

Diamond floor polishing pad classification

Industrial grade

Industrial grade flooring, which is a low gloss custom finish. This type is mainly for indoor floors such as large-scale warehouses, supermarkets, and department stores. It is characterized by the lowest cost in the life cycle and can withstand the harshest use environment. The floor is non-slip, anti-leakage, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, dust-resistant and easy to clean.

Commercial grade

Commercial grade floor means a medium-gloss finish on the semi-exposed and semi-exposed aggregate floors. This floor is aimed at the indoor public areas of the retail industry, which is characterized by easy cleaning and maintenance, wear resistance, leakage resistance and non-slip.

Top grade

The top floor is a high-gloss decorative finish on the exposed aggregate floor. This floor is used in museums, exhibition halls, high-end properties and other floors that need to enhance the flatness and reflectivity of the ground. It is characterized by good reflectivity and decoration, excellent ground flatness, high quality and very high Durable and easy to clean.

Polishing concrete using the diamond floor polishing pad is a sustainable floor option. It can use the existing materials and resources to directly repair and polish and harden the existing concrete floor, which can effectively reduce the loss of energy and materials, and it is an environmentally friendly floor solution.