13 inch concrete polishing pads

13 inch concrete polishing pads

Trade information

MOQ: 3000 pieces

The thickness of the grinding discs are:   3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm.


The 13 inch concrete polishing pads wholesale prices:

3 mm unit price of 1.5 US dollars;

6 mm unit price 2 US dollars;

8 mm unit price of 2.5 US dollars;

12 mm unit price of 3 US dollars;

Category Coarse grinding Fine grinding Precision grinding Polishing
13 inch concrete polishing pads 30 mesh、50 mesh、150 mesh 200 mesh、300 mesh 500 mesh、800 mesh 1000 mesh、2000 mesh、3000 mesh
Consumption (rough cement surface) 20m2 per piece 30m2 per piece 38m2 per piece 70m2 per piece
Consumption (normal cement surface) 25m2 per piece 30m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 90m2 per piece
Consumption (hard ground) 30m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 50m2 per piece 10m2 per piece

In the construction industry, the application of 13 inch concrete polishing pads technology is not only applicable to the floor, but its unique creative decorative effect has also been widely used in other aspects.

In recent years, the rise of colored polished concrete has provided more options for the use of polished concrete floors. In fact, polished concrete has been another driving force in the development of concrete dyeing. Compared to colorants, stains with smaller particle sizes and better solubility can float on the surface of alcohol or acetone, which has a lower surface tension coefficient and penetrates deeper into the concrete layer than water. Drying is faster. Therefore, dyeing is the best way to create colored polished concrete where appropriate. The use of different materials in the 13 inch concrete polishing pads, showing the unique pattern and logo, has become a new highlight of the application of the coagulation pattern polishing.