Spiral polishing pad

Spiral polishing pad

Spiral polishing pad has sharp grinding, good heat resistance and pressure resistance, and has the advantages of fast glazing, high brightness and fading, without changing the color of the stone itself, and has won the recognition of the majority of users!

Mainly used for grinding and polishing ceramic tiles. Tile manufacturers are equipped with manual and automatic full-throwing machines and semi-polishing machines for full-throwing and semi-polishing of microcrystalline bricks, glazed tiles and antique bricks. The surface brightness value can reach more than 90; it can be used for ground treatment and refurbishment of microcrystalline bricks and various ceramic tiles. It can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders or refurbished machines according to needs and habits.

Commonly used granularity is 30#, 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 3000#, etc. Generally, from coarse to fine, the grinding piece is used for grinding and grinding polishing. According to the requirements of different stone materials, the various raw materials in the diamond grinding block (sheet) are different, such as the content of diamond powder (also called the degree of tension) and the difference of its auxiliary materials, combined together, usually called the formula.

Category Coarse grinding Fine grinding Precision grinding Polishing
Spiral Polishing Pad 30 mesh、50 mesh、150 mesh 200 mesh、300 mesh 500 mesh、800 mesh 1000 mesh、2000 mesh、3000 mesh
Consumption (rough cement surface) 20m2 per piece 25m2 per piece 40m2 per piece 80m2 per piece
Consumption (normal cement surface) 25m2 per piece 35m2 per piece 50m2 per piece 100m2 per piece
Consumption (hard ground) 25m2 per piece 40m2 per piece 60m2 per piece 120m2 per piece


  1. The above dosage is the theoretical consumption, and the actual consumption will vary according to the strength and flatness of the base surface;
  2. The above dosage is the consumption of grinding with a light scrubber. If you use high-speed grinding equipment, the dosage will change greatly.