7 inch concrete polishing pads

7 inch concrete polishing pads

Polished concrete requires the use of concrete lithium-based hardener to make the ground a durable and durable effect. Different ground construction is done differently. It can be measured with a special hardness tester. The mohs hardness can reach 7-8. There will be scratches.

The 7 inch concrete polishing pad is a process of changing the rough, monotonous concrete surface into an elegant, durable floor. The concrete surface is ground and polished using the most efficient high speed, high power grinding equipment. The concrete surface is first removed using a series of coarse-grain diamond plates, and then the durable floor is ground to a very flat surface using a medium-grinding plate. The unit is also equipped with a dust-free vacuum system that allows the dust generated by polishing to be absorbed and filtered. This is a clean, environmentally friendly floor system with no harmful dust in the air, while also providing an elegant, easy to maintain floor.

Category Coarse grinding Fine grinding Precision grinding Polishing
7 inch concrete polishing pads 30 mesh、50 mesh、150 mesh 200 mesh、300 mesh 500 mesh、800 mesh 1000 mesh、2000 mesh、3000 mesh
Consumption (rough cement surface) 20m2 per piece 30m2 per piece 38m2 per piece 70m2 per piece
Consumption (normal cement surface) 25m2 per piece 30m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 90m2 per piece
Consumption (hard ground) 30m2 per piece 45m2 per piece 50m2 per piece 10m2 per piece

Trade information

MOQ: 3000 pieces

The thickness of the grinding discs are:   3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm.


The 7 inch concrete polishing pad wholesale prices:

3 mm unit price of 1.5 US dollars;

6 mm unit price 2 US dollars;

8 mm unit price of 2.5 US dollars;

12 mm unit price of 3 US dollars;