It’s summer now, and basically it’s time for the heat. In such an environment, some materials will crack due to excessive temperature, so what is the maintenance method of the dense rack in the hot summer? Due to the difference between manual compact racks and intelligent compact racks, it is also necessary to distinguish them clearly in terms of maintenance.

Reasons for maintaining mobile shelves in summer

The structural stability and moisture content of mobile shelves are important factors that determine their structural stability and moisture content. Therefore, special attention should be paid to preventing their deformation and cracking during the maintenance process.

A layer of paint is applied on the surface of the mobile shelf. If this layer of paint is damaged, it will not only affect its aesthetics, but also affect the structure inside. Therefore, try not to directly contact the sun to avoid the paint film falling off .

Mobile office shelving

Methods of maintaining mobile shelves in summer

1. In daily life, we can use a dry and soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface of the mobile shelf. After a period of time, we can use a wet cloth that has been wrung out of moisture to wipe off the dust on the corners of the mobile shelf. , and then wipe it with a clean dry soft muslin cloth.

2. For mobile shelves, the most worrying thing is dragging. If it is an ordinary mobile shelf, the bottom needs to be shaken. If it is a large mobile shelf, please ask for help, and split and move it. Do not move blindly by yourself, otherwise it will damage the shelves and have a serious impact on our economy.

3. In the rainy weather, the room where the mobile shelves are placed should have as few windows as possible, especially in the south where the air is humid. After the archives are stored with dense shelves, it is essential to have an archives dehumidifier.

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The square bottom bag is also called the paste bottom bag. The mouth can be sewn after filling. The open square bottom bag is widely used in the food industry. This kind of paper bag is produced by the square bottom machine. Then the installation and debugging of the bottom of the square bottom machine If you know the method, let’s take a look at it in detail.

Bottom installation of square bottom machine


1. Understand the attachment

There are many operating accessories at the bottom of the bottom paste machine, and the installation positions are also different. In order to master the operation skills of bottom stickers as soon as possible, you should memorize the names, installation positions and usage methods of various accessories. On this basis, it can be used flexibly. In order to change the paper shape at will in the future, various accessories can be quickly and accurately installed in place, and the bottom paste work can be completed with high quality.

2. Pull up and bend at the bottom

The folded corner of the paste bottom hook is at the cutting position of the straight line and the arc of the bending plate. When the bottom paste hook pulls up the bottom of the paper and bends it, immediately press and bend the bottom of the bottom of the paper. At the same time, the position of the lower support board should be adjusted so that the bottom sticker can be strongly supported when it is hooked to the bottom, and a special paper pressing rod should be installed so that the folded cardboard will not be left behind the bottom sticker hook and the pressing board. Rebound, after sizing and pressing by the sizing roller, it is smoothly fed into the folding part for folding.

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Calcium hydroxide powder selection is to make the extracted calcium hydroxide mesh more pure. There are many kinds of powder separators, such as centrifugal, three-separation, fly ash and other different types. Qualified powder is selected.

In the process of calcium hydroxide production, even if it is produced by professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment, it is almost inevitable to mix impurities. In order to improve the quality and purity of calcium hydroxide powder, it is necessary to select qualified powders. For this qualification, in addition to requiring purity, the fineness of the powder should also be distinguished.

Small calcium hydroxide powder also has many parameters. It is based on these parameters that people keep thinking about the method of powder selection and design a powder separator. For example, according to the quality and density of the powder, under a certain wind speed, the powder can be divided into two piles with a cyclone separator. Obviously, the pile is needed, and the pile is the so-called impurity.

For the powder separator, the simpler the structure, the better, and the overly complicated powder selection channel is not conducive to the discharge of the selected powder from the powder selection device.

Due to the centrifugal force of the calcium hydroxide powder separator during the powder selection process, it is inevitable that dust will occur. When it comes to dust removal, the first thing that comes to mind is the pulse bag filter.

calcium hydroxide

Pulse dust removal adopts pulse bag type dust removal technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collectors and sub-chamber back-flushing dust collectors. The land area is small, the operation is stable and reliable, and the economy is good. And the falling powder can be recycled and reused, which is a link to reduce the cost of producing calcium hydroxide powder, which overcomes the problem of re-pollution of water dust removal. Any conveying device falls directly into the digester and enters the powder selection system.

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The use of school desks and chairs will have a greater impact on schools and students, so there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when configuring desks and chairs. So how to correctly choose school desks and chairs manufacturers?

How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly

Classroom Chairs and Tables

1. First of all, before we choose the school desk and chair manufacturer, we can conduct a systematic inquiry on the manufacturer on the Internet, so that we can have a certain basic understanding of the manufacturer, but we need to pay attention to not blindly believe that its online Because they are basically beautified, they are not necessarily true. Therefore, after having a basic understanding, you can conduct on-the-spot inspections in several favorite manufacturers, so that you can see more intuitively. The strength of the manufacturer.

2. Then we can observe more about the scale of the manufacturer during the on-site inspection, such as its production equipment, technicians and processes, etc. Generally, manufacturers with sufficient strength are relatively complete as a whole, and their requirements are relatively high. Therefore, from these aspects, it can be seen whether the manufacturers of school desks and chairs are good or not, so that the selected products can be guaranteed enough and avoid unnecessary hidden dangers and troubles to themselves.

3. Because desks and chairs are used more frequently, and the users are mainly students, but the school’s procurement itself also has certain restrictions, so the quality of school desks and chairs is more valued by everyone, so school classes Table and chair manufacturers must ensure that their quality is good enough, but some damage will inevitably occur after a period of use, so its after-sales is very important, so when choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to whether it can provide good after-sales.

Several tips for purchasing school desks and chairs

Classroom Chairs and Tables

1. The color of school desks and chairs should not be too bright

When choosing school desks and chairs, many people think that they should choose brighter and more active colors, or choose a lot of cartoon patterns according to children’s preferences, etc. They feel that bright and bright colors help children form optimistic and lively characters. . However, some agency tests have shown that the brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals such as lead it contains. This is mainly caused by the lead compounds contained in the paint pigment, so the brightly colored school furniture has a much higher content of harmful substances than ordinary ones. Therefore, when purchasing desks and chairs, remember to ask the manufacturer for the school furniture paint inspection report to check whether the desks and chairs are qualified.

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The raceway of the slewing bearing generally needs to be heat treated. In the heat treatment process, because the diameter of the raceway circle of the slewing bearing is relatively large, flame surface quenching is usually used. The method is to use acetylene to heat the surface of the workpiece to be hardened and then add water to cool it. , this process is completed continuously.

1. How is the slewing bearing soft belt produced?

During the production and processing of the slewing bearing, the raceway of the device generally needs to be heat treated. The usual processes are: forging → rough machining → quenching and tempering treatment → finishing → raceway surface flame surface quenching → raceway surface grinding and other processes . One of the raceway surfaces is flame quenched to form a soft band.
The so-called soft belt is the area that has not been heat treated. The formation of the soft band is necessary for the heat treatment process. In the heat treatment process of the slewing bearing, because the diameter of the raceway circle of the slewing bearing is relatively large, flame surface quenching is usually used. The method is to use acetylene to heat the surface of the workpiece to be hardened and then add water to cool it.

Slewing Bearings

The heated flame spray gun and water gun are mounted together while making a circular motion along the circle of the workpiece. When the movement is close to 360 degrees, the heating and water spray are stopped immediately. That is, the circular areas of heating and water spray do not overlap. Cracks in the workpiece can occur if the circle areas where the heating and water spray occur overlap (heat treatment at an angle greater than 360 degrees on the circle). The tangential width of the unheated area is typically 15 mm. This 15 mm area is called the soft belt in the slewing bearing, that is, the so-called soft belt is the area without heat treatment. The formation of the soft band is essential to the heat treatment process.
Under normal circumstances, the steel character “S” is marked on the position where the soft belt exists in the workpiece to indicate the specific soft belt position. The installation position of the soft belt is essentially to improve the life of the bearing. From the perspective of the user and the manufacturer, it is still a reasonable position to install the upper and lower ring soft belts of the slewing bearing. Therefore, the manufacturer of the slewing bearing should accurately mark the position of the soft belt of the slewing bearing, and the manufacturer and installer should reasonably install the position of the soft belt of the slewing bearing as needed.

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The vibrating screen is a screening equipment often used in the sand and gravel industry. It uses the exciting force generated by the exciter to screen the material, which is convenient for the next production of the material. However, the vibrating screen does not run continuously for 24 hours. When the production is not in use, the vibrating screen equipment must be shut down. Sometimes when it is restarted, it may be difficult to start. Then when the vibrating screen starts What about difficulties?

Reasons for the difficulty in starting the vibrating screen

Arc vibrating screen

1. The exciter is faulty

The common reason for the difficulty in starting the vibrating screen is the failure of the vibrating screen. When the vibration exciter parts are working, it is necessary to ensure a good lubrication state, not only high-efficiency lubricating grease, but also preventing the lubricating grease from thickening, solidifying, and agglomerating, so as to play its due lubricating function.

Solution: Check the lubrication of the exciter and replace the appropriate lubricating oil.

2. Power failure

Check if the power supply is faulty, and then check the current of the motor. If the motor is faulty, you need to replace the new motor components; the assembly line of the vibrating screen is composed of centralized control circuits. When some components are damaged, it must be timely. Replace with new components; sometimes the voltage is unstable, and the voltage at startup is lower than the rated voltage, which is prone to failure.

Solution: replace the new motor parts; ensure the voltage stability during the working process of the vibrating screen.

3. The vibrating screen itself is faulty

Once again, the linear vibrating screen equipment itself has malfunctioned. Due to the large change in the supply flow of the material, the feeding amount of the linear vibrating screen exceeds the specified feeding value, causing the material to form a blockage on the screen surface. When the material accumulates to a certain amount. , The working load of the linear vibrating screen is large, which makes it impossible to start normally.

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Most industrial production requires burning coal to obtain a high-temperature production environment. In order to improve the combustion performance of coal, briquette is basically used. The briquette can better meet the needs of industrial production in terms of strength and durability.

But not all the briquette pellets pressed by the briquetting machine can meet the requirements, and their performance is easily changed by the adjustment of the equipment parameters. How to measure the performance of the briquette machine?

1. Pellet forming principle of briquette briquette machine

briquetting machine

Driven by the motor, the pair of rollers of the briquette briquetting machine rotate in opposite directions at the same speed. When the material falls between the two pairs of rollers, it begins to be compressed at the junction. At this time, the material is compressed in volume between the corresponding two ball sockets. ; The rollers rotate continuously, the ball socket is gradually closed, and the forming pressure gradually increases. When the distance between the two ball sockets is minimum, the forming pressure reaches the upper limit.

Then the rollers are rotated to gradually separate the ball sockets, and the molding pressure decreases rapidly. When the forming pressure is reduced to zero, the pressed briquette begins to expand and break away.

2. Determination method of pellet performance of briquette briquette machine

Medium Pressure Briquette Machine

(1) Cold strength:

Randomly select 10 briquette pellets and place them on the particle strength testing machine one by one for pressure feed test, record the pressure value indicated when each briquette pellet cracks, and calculate the average value, the unit is N/ball. The average error is valid in the range of +50N, ​​and the ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

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2-6 cubic concrete mixer trucks are collectively referred to as small concrete mixer trucks. At present, mixer trucks are an indispensable professional transportation tool for urban construction roads, bridges, houses, water conservancy projects, mixing stations, etc. Small concrete mixer trucks have the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius and other personalized design, and have strong advantages in the working environment of limited height, width and length.

Mixer truck

As a special vehicle for transporters, small concrete mixer trucks must comply with relevant regulations in terms of maintenance and repair, and implement the maintenance system of “regular inspection, compulsory maintenance, and repair as appropriate”. Under this premise, combined with the actual situation of the concrete mixer truck, maintenance and repairs should be done well. In terms of maintenance, in addition to the routine maintenance of the car engine, chassis and other parts, the coagulation king mixer truck must also do the following maintenance work.

Since the concrete will solidify into a hard block in a short time, and it is corrosive to steel and paint, after each use of the concrete king storage tank, cleaning the concrete adhering to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet is mainly Daily maintenance must be done carefully. These include:

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Excavators, also known as excavators, are indispensable mechanical vehicles in engineering construction. The use of buckets to excavate earthwork and materials that need to be cleaned has greatly accelerated the construction progress and efficiency. When the hydraulic excavator is working, the slewing mechanism needs to be frequently the reciprocating action to make the bucket work.

It can be seen that the slewing mechanism is an important part of the hydraulic excavator. So, do you know the composition and working principle of the hydraulic excavator slewing mechanism?

The composition of the excavator slewing mechanism

Excavator slewing bearing

The excavator slewing mechanism is mainly composed of a slewing brake, a slewing reducer, a slewing bearing and a slewing hydraulic system.

1. Swing brake

The swing brake is set on the swing reducer and controlled by the swing hydraulic system. The structure of various excavator brakes is different, but the principle is basically the same. Taking a certain type of hydraulic excavator as an example, its rotary brake adopts normally closed, spring clamping, multi-disc, wet brake. When the excavator turntable stops rotating, the brake is applied to brake. When the turntable rotates, the hydraulic system pilot pressure oil pushes the brake. The moving piston compresses the spring to release the brake.

2. Rotary reducer

The slewing reducer is fixed on the turntable and is connected with the output shaft of the slewing motor. The output shaft of the slewing reducer is provided with a pinion, and the slewing bearing is provided with an inner gear ring. When the slewing motor drives the slewing reducer to rotate, the pinion mounted on the output shaft of the slewing reducer meshes with the ring gear of the slewing bearing. The revolving motion of the gear drives the turntable and the upper working device to rotate together.

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In recent years, with the development of science and technology, crossed roller bearings have become an indispensable part of precision science and technology research. According to the survey, about 60% of domestic bearing orders come from imported bearings. In addition to the trust in the popularity of imported products, the variety of products, high precision and wide adaptability are also advantages that products cannot overcome. Throughout the internal bearing manufacturers, most of the varieties are not or not refined, resulting in the production of bearings not recognized.

As one of the imported bearings, how to properly lubricate the bearings is an important part of bearing maintenance and maintenance during normal operation.

Cross Roller Bearing

1. Oil bath smooth

Oil bath lubrication is a common lubrication method in thin-walled crossed roller bearings, suitable for the lubrication of low and medium speed bearings. The bearing is partially immersed in the groove, and the lubricating oil is brought up by the rotating bearing parts, and then flows back to the oil groove. The oil level should be slightly lower than the center of the rolling element.

2. Drip oil and smooth

Oil dripping lubrication is suitable for thrust cylindrical roller bearing components that require quantitative supply of lubricating oil. The amount of oil dripping is preferably every 3-8 seconds. Too much oil will cause the bearing temperature to increase.

3. Circulating oil to lubricate

The filtered oil is transported to the crossed roller bearing by the oil pump, and the lubricating oil after passing through the bearing is filtered and cooled before use. Because the circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat and cool the bearing, this method is suitable for bearing parts with high rotation speed.

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