The polishing pad has a uniform and standardized particle color system and good flexibility. It is widely used in the processing of marble, artificial stone and other lines, countertop curved plates and special-shaped stone processing. There are multiple shapes to choose from, and different particle sizes are used differently. Colors can be distinguished and can be matched according to the different needs of customers. Then, only using polishing pads is not enough. The following aspects also need attention:

1. When abnormal sounds and vibrations, rough cutting surfaces or abnormal odors are found, the work must be terminated immediately, and faults should be checked and eliminated in time to avoid accidents.

2. During work, the workpiece should be fixed, and the profile positioning should be in the direction of the cutter to avoid abnormal cut-in. No side pressure or curve cutting is applied. The knife is sent smoothly. Flying out and causing an accident.


3. When cutting and stopping cutting, do not go too fast, so as not to break and break the teeth.

4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, use special cooling lubricant to prevent the saw blade from overheating and causing tooth damage, which will affect the cutting quality.

5. Equipment chip discharge slag tank and slag suction device ensure smooth water flow, prevent slag agglomeration, and affect production and safety.

6. Dry cutting, do not cut for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the saw blade and cutting fruit; when wet cutting, water cutting should be added to prevent leakage.

What is the purpose of different specifications polishing pads?

1. Suitable for the processing of artificial stone, granite and marble. It has a complete and standard granular color system and good flexibility. Easier to machine lines, chamfers, curved plates and shaped stones. The specifications are optional, and various particle sizes are easy to distinguish. Various grinding machines can be flexibly configured according to needs and customization.

2. Granite, marble, artificial stone slabs for the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps, according to the needs and habits, flexible use of various hand-cranked or refurbished machines.


3. For the grinding and polishing of ceramic tiles, ceramic tile manufacturers have manufactured a complete set of manual, automatic, and semi-dispersing machines, which can be used for semi-polishing and polishing of microcrystalline tiles, glazed tiles and antique tiles. The luminous surface has a brightness value of more than 90. Used for floor treatment and renovation of microcrystalline tiles and various ceramic tiles. It can be flexibly used with various grinding machines or newer machines according to needs and habits.

4. Water mill can also be used in the industrial floor, warehouse, parking lot concrete floor or various aggregate hardener floor modification treatment, especially the current popular liquid curing agent floor project, can be flexibly used according to needs and habits. DS grinder of the same size for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

Spiral polishing pad

Water grinder is suitable for hand-held electric or pneumatic mills, with a joint power of 750-1500W and a speed of 2000 ~ 10000 revolutions. When working, the fixed pressure is applied to the machine while the water is flowing. 4-5 times can be exchanged on the surface of the stone being polished. You can replace the finer abrasive discs. After understanding the aspects needing attention, you will use the polishing pad more flexibly and safely.