The concrete polishing pad adopts special formula and technology, which is specially used for the grinding, polishing and refurbishing treatment of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors, cement self-leveling floors, various aggregate hardener floors and liquid hardener floors.

1. Base surface treatment: fully soak the ground with water, use a high-pressure scrubber or a refurbisher with a hard brush to fully clean the loose surface layer, and treat the hollow drum part separately.

2. Damage repair: Absorb the surface water with a water absorber, apply interface agent, repair with the required repair materials and maintain it according to the specifications.


3. Leveling: Use TFP series concrete floor polishing pad or metal polishing pad (water or dry grinding).

4. Coarse grinding:Use 50 # -200 # series concrete floor refurbishment film.

5. Penetration treatment: The concrete liquid hardener is used for hardening according to the specifications. If the original ground hardness is poor, it is recommended to do an infiltration hardening treatment before rough grinding.


6. Fine grinding: Use 200 # -300 # series concrete polishing pad. If the ground hardness meets the construction requirements after infiltration hardening, sanding will not occur during fine grinding.

7. Fine grinding (rough polishing): Use 500 # -1500 # series concrete polishing pad.

8. Cleaning and drying: Use a refurbished machine with a cleaning pad to thoroughly clean the floor, and use a water suction machine to dry it.

9. Penetration. Glazing: Use concrete penetrating brightener or similar products. Pay attention to the different processing methods of different products.

10. Fine polishing: Use concrete polishing pad 3000 # (select 1-2 granularity according to needs).
New ground penetration treatment is recommended to be carried out after “fine grinding”. If sand appears on the ground during fine grinding, it is recommended to do a penetration hardening treatment before fine grinding.



1. Select different types of refurbishers and polishing pads according to needs and experience. The grinding effect will be affected by various factors: ground hardness, grinder weight, counterweight, speed, whether water is added and the amount of water, polishing pad model, quantity, polishing Pad size, grinding time and experience, etc .;

2. Select polishing pads with different grain sizes according to the hardness of the ground and the experience of the technician. , 1000 #, 1500 #, 2000 #, 3000 #.

3. Dry and water mills use polishing pads with different formulas. Water mill can reduce dust on site and improve efficiency. The granularity number is: 30 #, 50 #, 150 #, 300 #, 500 #, 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 #. It can be selected according to the actual situation. The effect and the hardness and flatness of the ground are used. , Grinding time, use experience. Throughout the processing process, rough grinding and fine grinding are more uniform and more thorough, and fine calendar and polishing can be saved in the heavy effect. Good grinding and polishing will save time and effect.

4. It is recommended to clean the ground before using the next size pad after each grinding, otherwise it will affect the grinding effect.