Because of the long-term use of marble, the brightness and gloss of the crystal surface of the marble surface will disappear, which will affect the overall decoration design of the home. When the brightness and gloss of the crystal surface of the marble disappear, what method can we use to make the marble crystal surface What about rejuvenating? Generally, in this case, we need to polish the marble to regain its brilliance.

Polishing process of marble floor polishing pad

First of all, the process of grinding the ground must be done. In the grinding process, 50#, 150#, 300# marble polishing pads need to be used in order for the grinding operation. After finishing the process of polishing the ground, the surface water is sucked dry by a water suction machine.

During construction, it is necessary to first polish the corners in place, and then do the grinding and corner processes at the same time, and make the ground absorb at the same time, so that the effect of the ground will show a better effect. When the floor is cured, the curing agent must be sprinkled after the floor is dried, and the floor must be kept moist for more than 4 hours. This part of the process is also the best way to prolong the life of the floor and improve the performance.


Ground fine grinding needs to be carried out again after the curing agent is dried, and use 500#, 1000#, 2000#, 3000# marble polishing pads in order to grind with water, and then use a water suction machine to suck out the surface water to keep it dry. Clean water should be used in the process, which is conducive to the next cleaning work.

The floor polished by the above process can restore the luster of the marble floor polishing pad, and the effect is the same as a new floor. The marble polishing pad also plays a very important role in the construction process, whether it is grinding or fine grinding. The construction personnel should choose the marble polishing pad for grinding according to different steps, so the quality of the polishing pad is very important.

In the processing of marble polishing pads, grinding is a method often used in the construction process. The use of grinding wheels of grinders to cut marble polishing pads has achieved the expected results.


(1) For materials with high hardness, it is generally used for processing. The hardness and heat resistance of the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel determine the effect of the marble polishing pad after processing.

(2) Stress and deformation of the workpiece, burns on the surface of the workpiece, etc. are also common problems in the processing process. The severe friction during the machining process causes the temperature of the grinding zone to gradually increase, thus causing the above-mentioned problems. Coolant plays a very important role here, adding a certain amount of coolant in the grinding, so that the grinding temperature can be reduced. In addition, the coolant also has critical functions for chip removal and lubrication.

(3) The elastic retreat of the “machine tool-grinding wheel-workpiece system” is also a problem that easily arises in the machining process. This is caused by the large radial force during grinding, making the actual depth of cut less than the nominal depth of cut. Therefore, before the end of the grinding operation, it is necessary to shut down the grinding without inserting the knife to increase the error rate of the operation.

(4) Some materials are determined by the characteristics of the grinding wheel and the grinder during the construction process. Uniform micro-cutting plays a vital role in the grinding process system, such as ap=0.001~0.005mm; grinding during the construction process Cutting can reach high speed operation, such as: v=30~50m/s; if you want to achieve higher machining accuracy, you can use the grinding method; sometimes it is necessary to use hydraulic transmission, such as; (IT6~IT5 ) And (Ra=0.8~0.2μm), grinding is also one of the most commonly used methods.