Granite is also called granite, and it is composed of quartz and mica. Its hardness value is about 6.5. If it is used for a long time, it will become weathered and wear out. Mica shedding is its most obvious feature.

At this time, there are a small amount of pits on the surface of the stone. If the pits increase, the brightness of the granite surface will be reduced and the original luster will be lost. When you touch it with your hand, you will feel bumpy again, and you need to restore the original stone with renovation. luster.

Due to the hard texture of granite, the use of chemical curing agents and abrasives to refurbish its surface is difficult to achieve the expected results. The use of stone refurbishing agents using physical grinding methods is better than using chemical products for refurbishing and grinding. Stone renovation agent, a full set of granite polishing pads, water suction machine, watering can, photometer, glass scraper, wiper and bucket are the equipment needed for granite renovation.

Spiral polishing pad

Granite working procedure

1. Set up a notice board at the work site. In order to prevent mud from splashing on the wall, use plastic or newspaper to paste the wall. After adding clean water to the stone refurbishing machine, after connecting the power supply, prepare to refurbish the discs and adjust the equipment to be at the same level as the ground. The next step is to prepare.

2. Installed on the refurbished disc needle plate, you should use a thick metal mouth disc. When grinding about 1 square meter, you must keep pushing and pulling to grind the stone cut part until it is smooth. When grinding, add moderate water. Don’t dry it, use a water suction machine to suck up and clean the ground at the same time.

3. Replace the thin metal mouth discs, grind them in order, and cut the genuine ones to eliminate rough marks. Always push and pull to grind, soak up the ground.

4. Press 50#, 200#, 400#, 800# granite polishing pads to refurbish and continue grinding.

5. Finally, use 1500#, 3000# granite polishing pads for polishing, and at the same time clean and dry the stone surface.

Granite stone renovation steps


1. Disease treatment

The surface of granite is eroded over time and is prone to disease. Such as: pigment infection, macula, etc., for this phenomenon, we must use professional agents to scrub.

2. Slit

Use a stone cutter to cut along the original seam, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the stains in the gap.

3. Apply protective agent

The corrosion resistance of granite is not good, so it is best to brush several layers of protective agent on its surface. This protective agent can well prevent the granite from being damaged during use or renovation.

5 inch concrete polishing pads

4. Replenishing glue

Glue patching is the process of patching granite. You can also adjust the corresponding color of the marble glue according to your needs, and use a scraper to repair the glue; if the stone has cracks or potholes, you can also deal with it together.

5. Cut and polish

When we finish applying the marble glue, there will definitely be overflowing glue on the surface. At this time, we have to polish the surface with a grinder to remove the excess glue and polish until the seams can be clearly seen.

6. Coarse grinding

The previous step of polishing is for the joints, and this step of polishing is for the granite surface, polishing the dull surface to a new layer, and it must be smooth.

7. Fine grinding

Fine grinding is to carefully polish the granite stone in a targeted manner, especially the scratches left by the previous steps, will be polished off at this step.

8. Polishing

In order to restore the translucent granite to the past, polishing is a necessary step. When using a polishing machine, one should control the amount of water added, which is more conducive to the restoration of gloss.

9. Crystal hardening treatment

After polishing, the surface layer is very fragile, so we need to reinforce it for mirror finish. Crystal powder or crystallization agent can be used.

10. Clean the dust

After the previous procedures are completed, a large amount of dust will be left, and finally the construction site is cleaned.