Epoxy floor is a kind of floor product with very good decoration and function. Due to some reasons such as use, maintenance, construction, service life, etc., the epoxy floor will be damaged. Then when the epoxy floor is damaged , How do we repair it? First of all, follow the diamond polishing pad manufacturers to see what problems generally occur in epoxy floors. Then come to propose a specific repair plan.

1. Dimples, breakages, scratches, traces of roller rolling, etc. caused by customers’ lack of knowledge of floor use.

2. Peeling between layers caused by poor base foundation, hollowing, cracking caused by the stretching of expansion joints of the building structure, and hygroscopicity caused by improper waterproofing.

3. Damage caused by chemical corrosion, etc., mainly includes yellowing, blackening, and various stubborn stains.
4. Chalking and shedding caused by ultraviolet radiation.

5. Defects formed by the construction personnel or raw materials, such as dimples, pink particles, sweat stains, air dust pollution, flying insects, and reptiles.

In view of the above several epoxy floor problems, diamond polishing pad manufacturers have shared several most effective repair solutions.


1. Spray repair method

Advantages: Spraying method repair has the incomparable advantages of other methods, after repairing, the traces are small, the appearance is good, and the material is saved.

Disadvantages: The construction is difficult, and the requirements for the construction personnel are high, and professional spraying equipment is required.

2. Point complement method

Spot repair is the most commonly used method at this stage. Most construction workers use this method to repair damaged epoxy floors.

Advantages: The construction process is simple, easy to master, and the amount of raw materials is small.

Disadvantages: obvious repair marks, unsightly, and height difference.


3. Overall coverage

Advantages: beautiful and beautiful.

Disadvantages: high cost, only suitable for small spaces and areas with heavy chemical corrosion.
The construction process is similar to the new epoxy resin floor, so I won’t repeat it.

4. FRP construction method, etc.

Scope of application: long cracks such as expansion joints in building structures.

1. Basic treatment: Now cut the V-shaped opening at the crack, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating dust.

2. Primer construction

3. Repair construction

4. Epoxy putty construction

The above are the common repairing solutions for epoxy floor shared by diamond polishing pad manufacturers. When there is a problem with the epoxy floor, you must first check, determine the problem, and then prescribe the right medicine to find a suitable repair method.