Marble is hard material, which is one reason why people choose it as home decoration material. Although marble is strong, beautiful and elegant, it is a more sensitive material. You can usually use the term “externally soft and internally strong” to describe it.

Marble has a hard inner quality, but the polished appearance is extremely fragile and requires special maintenance. When you step on it, you should prevent marks from being left, and the objects placed on it should be handled gently. In response to the above problems, the best polishing pad manufacturers gave us a detailed introduction on the methods of marble maintenance, let’s take a look!


1. Water and wet substances

From the appearance, water does not pose a threat to the beautiful and elegant marble surface. In fact, it is deceived by the surface phenomenon. Water has enough power to destroy the beautiful marble sheet. The water or other damp substance mixed in the glass is enough to leave scale on the surface of the marble, and the scale will slowly penetrate the entire marble surface and leave stains that are difficult to wipe off.

A good way to deal with it is to prevent water droplets from dripping on the marble surface, but in reality it is often impossible to do so, so what you can do is to wipe off the water droplets in time, so as to prevent the progress of water from entering.

2. Acidic and alkaline substances

When cleaning the marble sheet, a neutral detergent should be used. Both acidic and alkaline detergents can easily corrode the surface of the marble.

Of course, it is not only detergent that will corrode the surface of the marble, like some acidic substances such as orange juice, lemon juice, soda, apple juice, tomato juice, wine, etc., will corrode the surface of the marble, and the PH Alkaline bleach will also corrode marble.


3. Scratches

There is no doubt that the internal quality of the refurbished marble is hard, but the smooth surface is very fragile. If the sole is stuck with sand, it is easy to leave scratches, and the bottom of the furniture will also give the marble surface if it is not placed protectively. Leave scratches, and drag objects on the marble floor.

The basic protection method is to shake off the gravel sticking to the sole of the shoe before stepping on the floor, put a protective layer on the furniture, try to avoid dragging objects on the marble floor, and don’t have things with sharp edges.

Of course, there are other substances that pose a threat to marble, but as long as you pay attention to the details mentioned above, it can bring many uses for your marble maintenance.