Harmonic reducer bearings are produced for matching harmonic reducers. They are compact in shape and have mounting holes for easy installation. They are suitable for various types of harmonic reducers. Oil leakage from the end cover of harmonic reducer bearings is also common. In response to this problem, relevant personnel have summarized the causes and treatment methods of oil leakage, let’s take a look~

Causes of oil leakage from the bearing end cover of the harmonic reducer

1. For the oil leakage of the non-shaft extension cover, the main reason is that the gap between the end cover and the box body is relatively large.

2. The main reasons for the oil leakage of the end cover of the shaft extension are that the gap between the end cover and the box is large, the input or output shaft and the inner hole of the end cover are missing or the seal is damaged, the vent plug is blocked, and the oil level is too high.

The treatment method of oil leakage of the bearing end cover of the harmonic reducer

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1. For the non-shaft extension cover, it can be reprocessed to reduce the gap. Before installation, apply even sealant on each connection surface and press it tightly. leak.

2. For the bearing cover of the shaft extension, in addition to ensuring the gap between the end cover and the joint surface of the box body, sealing elements and oil drainage plates should be added to the end cover.

3. Add a drainage plate on the inner side of the bearing close to the tank wall, so that the oil thrown on the drainage plate can be drained into the oil pool.

4. The rotation range of the drainage plate in the bearing may be very large. In order to further prevent leakage, a felt sealing ring can be added in the end cover, and the same drainage hole as the fish felt groove can be set on the end cover, even if the oil leaks Into the felt ring, the centrifugal effect can also drain it into the box through the drainage hole, thus effectively cutting off the leakage channel.

5. There is a ventilator installed on the harmonic reducer. If the vent hole is blocked, the temperature of the box will rise, the gas will expand, and the pressure will increase, which will aggravate the oil leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the vent hole is not blocked, so that The internal and external pressure of the reduction box is balanced, which can effectively prevent leakage.

6. The increase of oil resistance will reduce the efficiency of the machine, so the amount of oil added must be appropriate, and the depth of the gear in the oil cannot exceed the height of another tooth, because the oil is stirred violently, which will increase the oil temperature and accelerate leakage.

The above article describes in detail the solution to the oil leakage of the bearing end cover of the harmonic reducer. It is worth noting that when selecting the felt ring, the size must be based on the size of the felt groove and the diameter of the shaft. Pay attention to ensure that The tolerance of the shaft and the content of the felt ring is matched, so that the oil leakage of the bearing end cover can be effectively prevented.

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