The diamond polishing pad is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as the abrasive and combined with the composite material. The back is affixed with a Velcro cloth, which is glued to the joint of the mill for grinding, and can be used for stone, ceramic and glass. , Floor tiles and other materials for profile processing, suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, curved plate and shaped stone processing, can also be used for marble, coagulation, cement floor, terrazzo, glass-ceramic, artificial stone, floor tiles, glazed tiles, The special shape processing, repairing and refurbishing of vitrified bricks has strong grinding force, good durability, good softness, good definition and good gloss. It is an ideal stone grinding tool. The whole process is divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding. Four stages of grinding and polishing, the processed stone has a gloss of more than 90°.

The specifications of polishing pads commonly used in the market can be divided into: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm; use high quality diamond abrasive grain, granularity by 30#, 50#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 150#, 200#, 300#, 400#, 500#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 3000# are sequentially polished. Because of its strong grinding power, high polishing speed and high finish, it can effectively remove scratches and achieve the desired polishing effect.

At the same time, the diamond polishing pad has good water resistance and oil resistance, which can effectively reduce the time spent by the grinder. Because of its high abrasion resistance and longevity, the material of the stone grinding tool is greatly reduced, thereby effectively reducing the cost.

Main features of diamond polishing pad

1, it can not only improve product quality, but also applied to super-precision grinding and polishing, but also applied to stone processing such as artificial stone, granite and marble.

2, The particle distribution of the abrasive of this product is uniform, and the product of the same specification and the same particle size has little difference. It has the wear-resistant cutting characteristics of fixed abrasive such as grinding wheel and can achieve polishing precision.

3, has good strength and flexibility, suitable for grinding and polishing with water or oil as grinding media.

4, compared with ordinary soft polishing pad can improve the surface gloss in a short time; used for polishing of various curved and angular surfaces.

Diamond polishing pad installation method

From the current market point of view, diamond polishing pads have been recognized by many consumers, so some consumers do not know how to use diamond polishing pad, how to install it on the angle grinder when using it? First, we should remove the screw platen of the angle grinder. The second step is to correctly install the polishing pad on the angle grinder. The last step is to press the lock head, then tighten the reverse wire cover with a wrench, so the first one is installed. The steps are complete.

The next step is to prepare the construction. Check the equipment before construction and check if the spindle is deformed. There is no problem with the jump, whether the installation is firm, etc. Check whether the diamond polishing pad is complete, whether the polishing pad is as flat as when we purchased it, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena, so as to ensure safety and safety during construction. ,effectiveness. When assembling, make sure that the direction of the arrow of the diamond polishing pad and the direction of rotation of the device are the same. The reason why the arrow is marked by the manufacturer is for the user to install the polishing pad more clearly and clearly.

Be sure to proceed with safety before preparing to start the equipment. Equipment with single operation needs to check the movement of the point, turn to check whether the steering of the equipment is the same as before, there is no vibration, and the diamond polishing pad must be idling for a few minutes after it is installed, and there is no slipping when swinging. Or it is a phenomenon such as beating and then normal work. When working, the workpiece should be fixed and accurately positioned on the fixed platform, and then the construction should be carried out completely in accordance with the direction of the toothed path. This avoids the occurrence of abnormal cutting, and remembers during construction. Be sure to apply side pressure or curve cutting. Be careful when using it. This will avoid damage to the workpiece due to the impact of the blade. It can also prevent the diamond polishing pad from being damaged or the workpiece flying out.

Diamond polishing pad development prospects

Nowadays, diamond polishing pads are used more and more widely, mainly because diamond polishing pads have their own characteristics and advantages, which has prompted many consumers to favor the use of such polishing pads, and gradually began to understand the use of such polishing pads. The benefits, so according to the current market situation, the use of polishing pads will be more broad, many consumers have gradually changed the previous concept, because now consumers are more concerned about the quality of the product, and Polishing pads occupy most of the market with their own high quality advantages.

As far as the current market is concerned, the development prospect of diamond polishing pad will gradually increase, because high-tech products are widely used in application, and this polishing pad has won the praise of many consumers in the whole stone processing industry. However, how to open up a new market for soft polishing pads is still a big problem. If the scope of its use is properly broadened, it will be a good choice in the future development direction. First, we must focus on the economic development of the country. Some of the policy changes, the domestic economic development speed is getting faster and faster, the country has now attached importance to the total growth of the economy and turned into quality. This new way is undoubtedly an opportunity for the diamond polishing pad on the development road.

Some relatively large-scale economic growth, the country has begun to exclude, and countries like this new product will give more support, the most important thing is that the stock market is the focus of many manufacturers as the development direction, because China is a big country, region It is quite broad, so companies should focus more on the domestic market, but they still need to change according to changes in the market, constantly improve their products, more adapt to the needs of consumers for diamond polishing pads, and finally open up this international market. It is very necessary, because the domestic market, under the premise of stable development, we must continue to try to go abroad and export domestic products for export, so that we can effectively increase the sales of diamonds and the volume of international exports.