5 inch concrete polishing pads

The whole process of concrete polishing pad can be divided into four stages: rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The processed stone has a gloss of more than 90°.

Since the construction site does not allow ash to be lifted, it can only be operated with water. Therefore, the water mill construction is beneficial to heat dissipation and lubrication scouring, which can extend the life of the mill and make the ground more uniform and delicate. Then, how to choose a concrete polishing pad?

1, The flatness of the ground:

Manually leveling the ground or loosening, seriously damaging the old ground, need to level or remove the loose surface, need to use a high-power grinder, use a concrete diamond grinding disc and other polishing machine, suitable for flat grinding.

Cement self-leveling grinders or polishing machines should find a better level of ground flatness. Only diamond resin grinding can make the polishing more beautiful and the grinding parts are more economical.

2, the hardness of the ground:

Concrete used in the design and construction of concrete floors is indicated by a label number, namely C20, C25, C30, etc. Under normal conditions, the higher the label, the better the strength and hardness of the concrete. However, due to various factors, the hardness of the concrete and the hardness of the ground often do not correspond.

The hardness of concrete floors is usually expressed in terms of molar hardness. The hardness of concrete slabs is usually between 3-5. At the site, we can use some alternative Morse hardness testers to understand the hardness of the ground: the hardness of the dent can be marked with nails and keys, otherwise the hardness is greater than 5.

3, the weight and speed of the grinder:

Grinders are usually divided into small, medium and large. In general, the larger the machine, the greater the power and the higher the efficiency; in actual use, the larger the machine, the higher the efficiency. Although the grinding efficiency is high, excessive grinding often leads to excessive grinding in use, which increases construction costs. According to the characteristics of the machine, experienced workers can adjust the speed, moving speed, the number and weight of the grinding machine, reduce construction costs and improve construction efficiency.

Finally, the hard flattening effect is better, and it is more suitable for medium and large grinding machines. The soft grinding disc has better polishing effect and is suitable for various grinding machines. It is recommended to use diamond grinding discs and thick grinding discs for leveling and rough grinding. Fine grinding discs are recommended for finishing and polishing.