Resin polishing pad

Diamond polishing pad is a flexible processing tool made of diamond as abrasive material combined with composite material. The back is affixed with Velcro cloth, which is glued to the joint of the mill for grinding, stone, ceramic, glass and floor tiles. Other materials for profile processing, suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, curved plate and special-shaped stone processing, can also be used for marble, coagulation, cement floor, terrazzo, glass-ceramic, artificial stone, floor tile, glazed tile, vitrification The special processing, repairing and refurbishing of bricks has the advantages of strong grinding force, good durability, good softness, good definition and good gloss. It is an ideal stone grinding tool. The whole process is divided into coarse grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding. Polished in four stages, the processed stone has a gloss of over 90°.

Diamond polishing pad is made of high-quality diamond micro-powder and resin bond material, with exquisite technology and advanced production technology. It is mainly used for polishing and polishing natural stone or artificial stone of various shapes. It can also be used for decorative stone cleaning, dressing and polishing. Update. According to the needs and habits of customers, it can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders, floor refurbished machines, ceramic polishing machines, angle grinders, floor grinders, etc.

Application range

1. It can be applied to different places such as new and old concrete floors, terrazzo floors and diamond floors, and different polishing targets can be selected according to different needs of customers. The brightness of the polishing can reach more than 90 degrees.

2. It is used for the renovation of concrete floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the current hardened dustproof seal curing agent floor, which can be flexibly matched with various hands according to needs and habits. For grinding or refurbished machines, use different sizes of grinding discs for coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

3. For the grinding and polishing of ceramic tiles, the tile manufacturer is equipped with manual, automatic full-throwing machine and semi-polishing machine for the full-throwing and semi-polishing treatment of microcrystalline bricks, glazed tiles and antique bricks. The brightness of the smooth surface can reach more than 90; it can be used for ground treatment and refurbishment of microcrystalline bricks and various ceramic tiles. It can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders or refurbished machines according to needs and habits.

4. It can be used for the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps after laying granite, marble and artificial stone plates. It can be flexibly matched with various hand grinders or refurbished machines according to needs and habits.

Diamond polishing pad specifications

Specifications: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch

Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm;

Particle size: 30#, 50#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 150#, 200#, 300#, 400#, 500#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 3000#

Diamond polishing pad features:

1. Unique resin binder with strong grinding force;

2, the polishing speed is fast and the finish is high;

3, high wear resistance, long service life;

4. No scratches and color left on the stone after grinding and polishing (not easy to dye).