Students’ classroom teaching is an important part of students’ receiving systematic education. With the continuous improvement of living standards, students’ physical development is getting better and better, but the desks and chairs used in many schools are still designed according to the height ratio of previous students. Height and width will be somewhat inappropriate.

If students study on such desks for a long time, they will often form bad postures, which will not only affect the quality of students’ learning, but also be detrimental to the cervical spine and spine. So, how should we choose the desks and chairs for students correctly?

How to choose student desks and chairs

High Quality School Table with Chair

1. Purchase according to the student’s height and size

The height of desks and chairs and the height of the human body cooperate with each other, which can adjust the sitting posture. Among all types, lift desks and chairs are more suitable. We all know that children’s bodies grow rapidly. If the desks and chairs are not properly selected, Then it will not be suitable for a long time, and it will not be able to be used again after a year or two. Therefore, it is better to choose a lift desk and chair. Lifting student desks and chairs can not only lift the chair, but also the table, which is more convenient and practical. The desk top adopts multi-angle adjustment components, which can be adjusted to the angle suitable for students to read and write.

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