Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a material based on limestone and is the “first filler” in the industry. It is a binary medium and strong alkali (calcium hydroxide is considered a strong alkali in the middle school stage, but in fact it cannot be completely ionized in water, so it is considered a medium and strong alkali), with alkali properties, good for skin, fabrics Corrosive.​​

Calcium hydroxide is processed through strict calcination of calcium hydroxide production line, processed into high-quality ash as raw material, and then processed through careful selection. The application fields of calcium hydroxide are becoming more and more extensive. It is a commonly used building material, and is also used as a fungicide and chemical raw materials. The development of the industry is also very rapid. Calcium hydroxide has the following uses in the chemical industry:

1. The application of calcium hydroxide in the coating industry is also very extensive. In addition to being used as a filler in coatings, it also replaces titanium dioxide and pigments, and is also used to replace light calcium and precipitated barium sulfate;

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