Stone refurbishment is part of stone maintenance and consists of three steps: rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The steps of renovating the floor refurbishment floor, each step is carried out with the use of diamond abrasives.

1. Rough grinding will remove scratches, corrosion, and traffic marks on the surface.

2, fine grinding, smoothing the ground and grinding the surface.

3. Polished, diamond abrasive will polish the surface. The water is constantly flowing as a lubricant for diamond.

The specific operation details have the following parts:

1. Base treatment:

(1) The large terrazzo machine is equipped with a coarse diamond grinding head water mill to smooth the ground and completely remove the epoxy resin coating.

(2) The large terrazzo machine is equipped with a fine grinding head water mill to ensure a smoother and smoother surface.

(3) Wash and remove clear water, and dry naturally for 3-7 days.

2, cement floor sanding agent A component construction

(1) Dilute component A with appropriate amount of water on the ground according to the ground conditions. The amount of raw liquid: 0.2-0.5kg/m2.

(2) When the surface has no clear water or becomes viscous, spray a small amount of water in time to keep the surface moist to promote penetration. The above operation lasts for about 4 hours. Finally, rinse the surface with enough water to remove the surface water and dry naturally. More than an hour;

(3) If the ground strength is poor, repeat the above steps after 24 hours.

3, cement floor sanding agent B component construction

(1) spraying the component B solution, the dosage is about 0.2-0.5kg/m2;

(2) When there is no clear water on the surface layer, spray a small amount of water in a timely manner, keep it moist for about 4 hours, and finally rinse with plenty of water (preferably rinse with a hard brush while washing), and remove the surface water, and dry naturally.

For the above 2 and 3 steps, it is best to use an electric washing machine with a high-power water absorbing machine for higher efficiency and better appearance.

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