In modern industrial production, in order to save raw materials, various equipment in various industries emerge in an endless stream. As an important equipment for processing and reusing residual materials, briquetting machine will inevitably experience various wear and aging during use. Important working components in the briquetting machine Roller skins are often worn out and replaced.

The roller skin is a cylindrical component with ball sockets dug on the surface of the roller core of the ball press. Usually, the material is pressed by hydraulic drive rollers, which are formed by the ball sockets of the roller skin. As a very easy to wear ball press component, Frequent replacement is unacceptable for the operator, but the worn roller skin of the ball press cannot meet the production demand, and it is not enough if it is not replaced, so it is very important to maintain the roller skin during use. What is the maintenance method of the roller skin?

1. The installation of the roller skin of the briquetting machine should be correct

There are four installation methods for the roller skin of the ball press. Different ball presses use different methods, but the installation standards are the same. First of all, the installation of the roller skin cannot be dislocated. If the roller skin is already dislocated during installation, then Not to mention production, the shape of the ball socket on the roller skin must be aligned, otherwise the ball press will not produce balls, loose balls, and the spherical shape is not true. The edges of the nests wear each other, and the roller skins need to be replaced after a long time, which is not worth the loss.

briquetting machine

2. Do a good job of protection before the briquetting machine works

The common steel for the roll skin of the casting ball press is 65 manganese alloy, and the common steel for the roll skin of the forging ball press is 92 chromium molybdenum. Our company uses a higher-level forging – bearing steel. Casting roller skins are relatively not wear-resistant, but the advantage is low cost. Some operators are not bad at money, and it is not a big deal to replace the roller skins frequently. However, for operators who use forged roller skins, the more durable the roller skins, the better. It is better not to replace it, but it is not necessary to maintain the roller skin of the ball press.

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