Resin polishing pad

Many people are used to polishing pads with water because the water polishing pads are deeper and less prone to scratches and dust. Resin polishing pads are generally classified into ordinary resin grinding discs and super hard resin grinding wheels according to abrasive materials. Ordinary resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel with white fused alumina, brown fused alumina and silicon carbide as the main grinding components. The super-hard resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel with diamond or CBN as the main grinding part.

Resin polishing pad features

High quality resin binder with strong grinding power;

Fast polishing speed and high finish;

High wear resistance and long service life;

No scratches and color left on the stone after grinding and polishing (not easy to dye);

Application range

Used for grinding and polishing marble, granite and other shaped stones;

Use water, high speed RPM4500;

Grinding from coarse to fine to polishing, to meet various needs.

Resin polishing pad model selection

1. Polishing treatment: The polishing pad suitable for the ground polishing treatment includes: a resin polishing pad having a particle size of 1000#-3000#. It is usually installed on a refurbished machine or a floor grinder. The polishing effect is related to the hardness, flatness and pre-treatment of the ground. The dry throwing effect is better.

2. Crystal surface treatment: The polishing sheet has a total of 3 particle size numbers such as 1000# 2000#3000#, which is used for polishing after the fine grinding of the floor. When using, choose a particle size number to polish according to the requirements. The commonly used particle size number is 2000#, which is usually used on the floor grinder or refurbished machine. The wet throw is better than the dry throwing light fruit. Use concrete brightener for floor surface treatment. After spraying the concrete brightener, using the 2000# resin polishing pad, it is easy to bring a long-lasting and charming mirror fruit.

Polishing pad life and grinding fruit will be affected by various factors, including ground hardness, grinder weight, counterweight, speed, whether water and water, polishing pad type, quantity, particle size, grinding time and experience. It can be used with a variety of refurbished machines and grinders. It can improve the grinding rate of medium and large grinding machines and make the ground flatness better. Use a resin dry polishing pad without water grinding, otherwise use a resin water polishing pad.