Polishing pads, also known as soft-grinding pads, are often used when polishing tiles and marble. Artificial stone can also be polished. Artificial stone is often used on the countertop of the cabinet. The hardness is not very high. However, the polishing pad can be polished with different grain size polishing pads such as tiles and marble. The polishing pad can be polished. Artificial stone? How do different sizes of polishing pads handle artificial stone?

First, the polishing pad can polish artificial stone

The polishing pad can be used to polish artificial stone. The main abrasive of the polishing pad is diamond-based, and then combined with the composite material, so that the flexible processing tool can be produced and manufactured directly for materials such as ceramics and artificial stone. Shaped processing, the entire processing process can be divided into four different stages: rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing, after the diamond processing of artificial stone, the overall gloss can reach at least 90%.

Second, how to grind artificial stone

1. Dry grinding, peeling marble with artificial stone refurbished machine. Remove the surface of the artificial stone and open the pores of the artificial stone. Treatment of artificial stone dirty chemical reagents to remove artificial stone dirt, waterproof to prevent wet grinding in the later stage, sewage infiltrated into the artificial stone interior, slitting, caulking and slitting, glue replacement, for the overall aesthetics, wet grinding, polishing pad polishing in turn .

2. Already belongs to fine grinding and polishing (in the overall renovation), such as simple polishing: waxing (if waxing), cleaning, grinding with steel wool or animal hair pad. Surface crystallization (sealing glaze for ceramic tiles) with crystal surface machine scouring pad and crystal powder, layer protection layer on the surface of artificial stone, to prevent dirt from penetrating into the artificial stone inside can also play a fixed anti-scratch function. At the same time enhance the brightness of artificial stone. There is a protection period of about 1 year.

Third, how to deal with artificial stone with different particle size polishing pads

1. Flat processing

Remove the loose surface of the old floor: use 30#-100# concrete dry grinding sheet or 30#-100# metal grinding sheet to easily remove the loose surface of the floor. A large floor grinder is recommended.

2. The plane processing flatness is poor

First use 50# metal grinding sheet to first level, then use 100# concrete dry grinding sheet for roughing and leveling, then use 200# concrete dry grinding sheet or 200# concrete soft (dry) to grind the grinding piece.

3. Large area repair surface treatment

It is recommended to grind and level with a 50# metal grinding disc before the surface is cured. After curing, use 100# concrete dry grinding disc for grinding and leveling, accurately grasp the grinding time and make the floor treatment. It’s simple and easy.

4. The old plane processing has a good flatness

Use 50#-200# concrete dry grinding disc or concrete soft (dry) grinding disc according to the ground hardness.

5. Rough grinding treatment

(1) After the ground leveling treatment, select the coarse grain number (100#-300#) concrete dry grinding plate rough grinding.

(2) terrazzo floor, concrete colored sand floor, uniform dry sand hardener floor: according to the floor hardness selection granularity 30#-200# concrete soft (dry) grinding plate and concrete dry grinding plate rough grinding, using particle size 100 in #-300 #混凝土干磨盘, large grinding machine can improve the grinding rate and make the grinding flatness better.

6. Fine grinding treatment

(1) New aggregate hardener floor to maintain the surface of the puree: Select the granular floor soft sandpaper of the above 300#-500# or small grinder, and select the corresponding grain size and curing time according to the surface hardness. sheet. New flooring with good mechanical light tends to form a uniform surface finish.

(2) Ground after rough grinding: The concrete soft (dry) grinding disc with the above size of 300#-1500# is usually used for fine grinding treatment. With the matching, the large grinding machine can improve the grinding rate and make the grinding flatness more. it is good.

7. Polishing treatment

Abrasive sheets suitable for ground polishing include concrete soft (dry) abrasive sheets having a size of 1000#-3000# and concrete polishing sheets having a size of 300#-6000#. It is usually installed on a refurbished machine or a floor grinder. Polished fruit is related to ground hardness, flatness and pre-treated fruit. Dry throwing fruit is better.

8. Crystal surface treatment

The concrete polishing pad has a total of 7 particle sizes, such as 300#500#1000#2000#3000#6000#10000#, which is used for polishing after floor finishing. When using, please select the size number for polishing according to the requirements. The commonly used size number is 6000#, which is usually used for ground grinders or refurbished machines. Dry throwing is better than wet casting. It is recommended to use a concrete brightener for the surface treatment of the floor. After spraying the concrete brightener, use a 6000# concrete polishing pad for drying, which is easy to bring a long-lasting and charming mirror.

The grinding of artificial stone is not difficult. As long as it is polished according to the standard method, the polished surface is very beautiful. In addition, the polished artificial stone should also be maintained frequently to be durable!