Now everyone’s living conditions are getting better and better, and they are beginning to pay attention to the things around them slowly. Among the products we produce, some products need to be polished because of their rough appearance. At this time, our polishing pads are brought into play. , There are many polishing pads around us, such as diamond polishing pads, concrete polishing pads, resin polishing pads, etc. These polishing pads have a very large effect and have different applications. Dry polishing pads can be polished without water. , Water-based polishing pads need to be polished with water. In addition, we now have floor refurbishing films. Next, let’s talk to the polishing pad manufacturers to learn about floor refurbishing films.


The determination of the color of the stone in the floor renovation film should be a summary of multi-disciplinary such as architectural aesthetics, environmental science, humanistic psychology and economics, which is also the key for the designer to fully embody his design thinking and ideas. Of course, when using stone as decoration materials, color difference is a problem that cannot be ignored. Whether it is granite, marble or sandstone when selecting materials, there is a problem of color difference. Pay special attention when paving the same type on the same plane with a larger area.

Causes of color difference in stone


The stone blocks come from the initial mining layer of the mine, from different pit openings or different levels; after the stone processing, the row coding is not carried out according to the number and batch of the blocks; the stone paving does not follow the code list provided by the supplier And batch number. The introduction of floor refurbishment tablets Because of the reserves and ore bodies, the degree of color difference reflected in the detailed stone types is different. Some types of stone types close to 1,000 square meters or tens of thousands of square meters will not cause problems, while some types are several One hundred square meters cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing the type and color of stone, we must think about it. Large-scale plans can go to mines, factories, or existing cases to conduct on-site investigations.


From the above, we can know that the floor refurbishment sheet plays an important role in our floor refurbishment process. The price of the floor refurbishment sheet is relatively cheap, and it is very suitable for the use of the floor. When we refurbish the floor, we must pay attention to avoiding damage to the internal structure of the floor. We can only handle the surface of the floor. You need to be cautious when refurbishing. You can add some cleaners if necessary. I believe you will have a new style of floor after use, which will bring you a sense of comfort.