Polishing pads, also called polishing leathers, polishing cloths, polishing pads, etc., are important auxiliary materials that determine the surface quality in chemical mechanical polishing. The polishing pad can be specially customized according to various stone processing needs. For a special processing method, there are precautions for custom polishing pads. The following is a detailed description for everyone:


It is important to obtain a smooth mirror surface. When applied to the surface of this kind of workpiece, the polishing pad usually has a foamed plastic handle and has the best features of an all-round tool.



Machining curved surfaces (such as external fillets or S-shaped curved surfaces) is very critical. The material of the diamond polishing pad can be cut into thin strips of any size, and then fixed into a special shape with a hook and loop, forming a mirror-symmetric relationship with the machined curved surface to achieve the desired effect.


For the removal of a large number of materials, such as ceramic tile edge processing and shaping, or rough processing of hard stone, customized polishing pads can use a relatively strong substrate, which carries more diamond abrasive clusters, which can withstand stronger grinding. force.


Cooling water

In order to obtain a better polishing effect and prolong the life of the polishing pad, cooling water must be used during the polishing process. Although dry grinding can be used for some processing, the benefits of cooling water are still great. For example, the resin bond polishing pad has poor heat resistance, and cooling water must be used during processing, which can not only take away the chips, but also prevent the resin base from overheating and affecting the polishing effect.

The polishing pad can keep the polishing process stable, the surface is not deformed, and a good wafer surface morphology can be obtained. The above are the important considerations for custom polishing pads. I hope to help everyone in the customization and selection of polishing pads.