Because of the long-term use of marble, the crystal surface brightness and gloss disappeared on the marble surface, which affects the overall decoration design inside the home. Then, when the brightness and gloss of the crystal surface of the marble disappear, what method can be used to make the marble crystal surface Re-glowing? Generally in this case, we need to polish the marble to re-gloss the crystal face of the marble.

Then, when we polished the marble, we prepared some tools before polishing, and prepared terrazzo, marble polishing machine, diamond disc, polishing powder, stone crystal machine and so on.

Marble polishing process

1. Before performing the marble polishing work, first check the shape of the marble used to see if the decorated marble material conforms to the shape of the processing sheet, and then the polishing and polishing process of the marble, first of all, the marble For the place to be glued, it is necessary to wait until the glue is processed before polishing and polishing.

2. The first is to make a single-piece drawing line for rough grinding, usually it is to leave it 0.5MM fine grinding, water mill is also the same; after completion, it is splicing, mainly to match the polished and polished lines, and then based on The color of the surface of the line is correspondingly adjusted, so as to ensure the color of the marble surface and the good pattern effect. After the line water mill 500#, the number is first unified according to the requirements of the installation drawing, and then the polishing is disassembled. This will not cause the polished and polished lines to be concave and convex at the interface.

3. When there is a misalignment at the interface, the grinding of the transition section should be extended, the longer the better, and the straightness should be checked by the ruler during the grinding; the finished polishing line can be shipped after passing the quality inspection.

4. After the sanding is completed, use the water absorbing machine to treat the moisture on the ground. At the same time, use the blow dryer to dry the whole stone floor. If time permits, you can also use natural air drying to keep the stone surface dry.

5. Spray the syrup evenly on the ground side, use a marble polishing machine to grind, use a washing machine with a scouring pad, spray the syrup with the same amount of water on the ground, start grinding, and make the crystal surface material on the stone surface under the action of heat energy. The surface effect formed after crystallization.

6. Overall ground maintenance treatment: If the stone with large voids is to be coated with marble protective agent, re-polishing once to increase the hardness of the crystal surface of the entire ground.

Generally speaking, the above steps can basically treat the marble surface well, but sometimes we encounter artificial stone like jazz white and resin. After doing it, the surface may not be very bright, we can spray A2 again. The syrup is ground to 3000#, then repeated with nano-pad, with marble mirror complex cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing, the effect of water bright will be much better than before.

Marble polishing precautions

When polishing marble, we use different polishing and polishing processes according to the type of marble, and the polishing process of the flat plate is different from the polishing process of the arc panel. We should pay attention to the following points when polishing and polishing.

1. When polishing and polishing, each abrasive or abrasive sheet should be carefully inspected and polished to the polished surface after grinding and polishing. After the grinding, the latter should cover up the traces produced by the previous abrasive.

2. Polishing and polishing should pay attention to the control of the amount of water, the lack of water is easy to cause the surface to burn.

3. When polishing and polishing, try to lengthen along the direction of the line, as long as possible, so as to avoid the generation of ripples.

4. The speed of polishing is faster.

5. Processing large quantities of lines polished or polished is better to use a forming knife, this can reduce the amount of rough grinding work, and ensure that the line after rough grinding of good quality, shape consistency.