If the material wants to be screened, it must pass through the screen on the linear vibrating screen. When using the screen, a very critical factor is the tension of the screen, which is related to the screening effect of the material and the linear vibrating screen. production efficiency. Because the insufficient tension of the screen mesh will bring many influences, what are the influences of the insufficient tension of the linear vibrating screen mesh? How to solve it?

Influence of insufficient tension of linear vibrating screen mesh

Arc vibrating screen

1. Lead to material retention

Insufficient tension of the screen mesh of the linear vibrating screen will lead to the retention of materials, thereby preventing the forward movement of the material layer, which may lead to the accumulation of materials, or even block the screen mesh, affecting the production efficiency of the vibrating screen. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the tension of the vibrating screen to flatten the screen surface, thereby increasing the service life of the vibrating screen, and at the same time contributing to the power and productivity of the vibration. Part of the screening will concentrate on the force for a long time, which will easily cause the screening to break, and screen the materials that should not be screened, which will affect the screening effect.

2. Serious stress concentration

If the screen tension of the linear vibrating screen is large, the stress concentration will be serious. If the screen tension is loose, it is easy to produce secondary vibration, and the screen will be damaged prematurely under the action of alternating stress, which will increase the production cost.

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