5 inch concrete polishing pads

Many people are accustomed to using concrete polishing pads because the concrete polishing pads are deeper, are less prone to scratches, and are free of dust.

First: leveling

1. Surface treatment of old floor with good flatness: use 50#-200# concrete resin grinding disc according to ground hardness

2. Remove the loose surface layer of the old floor: Use 30#-100# resin grinding piece or 30#-100# metal grinding piece to easily remove the loose surface layer of the floor. It is recommended to use the medium and large floor grinding machine.

3. The surface treatment of the flatness with poor flatness: firstly leveling with 50# metal grinding disc, then rough grinding with 100# concrete resin grinding sheet, and finally grinding with 200# concrete resin.

4. Surface treatment of large-area repairing floor: It is recommended to use 50# metal grinding disc to grind and level before the ground is completely cured. After curing, use 100# concrete resin grinding disc to roughen and level, and accurately grasp the grinding timing to make the floor treatment. It’s simple and easy.

Second: rough grinding

1. terrazzo floor, concrete colored sand floor, uniform dry sand hardening agent floor: According to the hardness of the floor, the concrete resin grinding plate with particle size 30#-200# is coarsely ground, and the concrete resin grinding machine with particle size 200#-500# is used. The medium and large grinding machines for the sheet can improve the grinding efficiency and make the ground flatness better.

2. After the ground leveling treatment, select the high-granularity number (100#-500#) concrete dry grinding sheet coarse grinding resin polishing pad polishing pad

Third: fine grinding

1. Newly made aggregate hardener floor to maintain the surface effect of the original slurry: select the above-mentioned 500-size resin grinding plate or a small-sized grinding machine, and select the grinding piece with the corresponding grain size according to the surface hardness and curing time of the floor. A new floor with good mechanical light is easy to make a uniform surface effect.

2. Ground after rough grinding: Generally, the concrete grinding disc with the above-mentioned particle size of 500-1000 is selected for fine grinding treatment, and the matching medium and large grinding machine can be used to improve the grinding efficiency and make the ground flatness better.

Different concrete resin grinding discs in different situations

1. Polishing treatment: The grinding sheet suitable for the ground polishing treatment includes: a concrete resin polishing sheet polishing sheet having a particle size of 1000#-3000#. It is usually installed on a refurbished machine or a floor grinder. The polishing effect is related to the hardness, flatness and pre-treatment effect of the ground. The dry throwing effect is better.

2. Crystal surface treatment: The concrete polishing sheet has three granular numbers of 1000# 2000#3000#, which are used for polishing after the fine grinding of the floor. When using, choose a size number to polish according to the requirements. The most commonly used size number is 2000#, which is usually used on the floor grinder or refurbished machine. The wet throwing effect is better than the dry throwing light. It is recommended to use concrete brightener for floor surface treatment. After spraying the Tektron concrete brightener, using 2000# concrete polishing sheet, it is easy to bring a long-lasting and charming mirror effect.

Grinding life and grinding effect will be affected by various factors, including ground hardness, grinder weight, counterweight, speed, whether water and water, grinding type, quantity, particle size, grinding time and experience. It can be used with a variety of refurbished machines and grinders. It is suitable for medium and large grinding machines to improve the grinding efficiency and make the ground flatness better. Use concrete dry grinding without water grinding, otherwise use concrete polishing pad.