A briquetting machine is a device that compacts waste material such as paper, cardboard, biomass, etc. into dense cylindrical or square-shaped briquettes that can be burned for energy production. These machines use high pressure to compress the material and produce briquettes that are easy to handle, store and transport, making them a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel sources.

There are two main types of briquetting machines: mechanical briquetting presses and hydraulic briquetting presses.

metal briquetting machine

Mechanical briquetting presses use a screw to compress the waste material into briquettes. These machines are generally more affordable and have a lower production capacity.

Hydraulic briquetting presses use a hydraulic cylinder to apply high pressure to the waste material, compacting it into briquettes. These machines are more expensive and have a higher production capacity, making them more suitable for large-scale production.

The choice of a briquetting machine depends on the type and size of material to be briquetted, as well as the production capacity required.

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