Cucumbers, beans and other vine crops are relatively free crops in the growth process. Because of their climbing characteristics, if they are not controlled and guided, they will climb everywhere on the ground and walls, and grow like this. Due to the contact with the moist soil, the growing area of ​​crops is too large and without support, which will not only lead to the increase of pests and diseases, and will not be able to resist wind and rain, but also make the fruits growing on the ground more easily rotten and deteriorated due to pollution. And fruit crops such as eggplant and tomato will also be unable to bear the weight of the fruit because there is no support, causing the fruit to fall off and damage.

Therefore, in the growth process of vine crops and fruit crops, a very important link is to guide the growth of stems and leaves by building scaffolds, columns and other plant growth frames.
So what are the advantages of using plant grow racks, and why can these advantages guide the growth of crops?

growing racks

The use of plant grow racks mainly has the following 5 advantages:

1. Expand growth space and increase results

Vine crops are mostly light-loving plants. This characteristic makes them naturally like to chase the sun. Their stems and leaves follow the direction of the sun and grow continuously, which causes their stems to grow longer and longer. The longer the stems, the more fruits they have. Therefore, according to the characteristics of such plants, people build scaffolds, columns and other plant growth frames to increase their growth space, guide their growth, and let them bear more. fruit.

2. Improve ventilation and light transmission, and develop well

The stems and leaves of vine crops will be very large. If they are not controlled and guided, they will be entangled on the ground and become a mess, which not only reduces the ventilation performance of the field, but also causes poor light transmission and photosynthesis due to the stems and leaves that block each other. The efficiency declines, which is not conducive to the growth and development of crops.

Therefore, it is possible to make the stems and leaves climb and grow to the heights by means of plant grow racks such as brackets and uprights, reducing mutual entanglement and shading, and ensuring good ventilation and sufficient light, so as to promote better growth of crops.

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