Coal centrifuge is a kind of dehydration equipment that uses the centrifugal force generated by mechanical rotation to realize the separation of solid-liquid mixture. The slime passes through the material inlet and passes through the distribution cone to make the space between the screen basket and the spiral discharge rotor.

Coal centrifuge


Under the action of centrifugal force, water and small particles (centrifugal liquid) pass through the material layer, pass through the screen, flow into the water collection tank on the upper part of the machine base along the upper cover, and then are discharged from the machine through the drain pipes arranged on both sides of the machine base. Outside: The coal particles are kept inside the screen basket. Because there is a speed difference between the spiral discharge rotor and the screen basket, the spiral discharge rotor scrapes the coal particles from the screen and pushes them to the bottom of the screen basket, thereby reducing The dehydrated slime (dehydrated product) is discharged into the collecting hopper under the machine, and this dehydration process is continuously carried out.