Wire raceway bearings, also known as crossed roller bearings, are a type of bearing that are commonly used in applications where high precision and rigidity are required. They are especially useful in situations where there is a need for rotational movement with limited axial and radial clearance, and where space is limited.

Wire Raceway Bearings

Wire raceway bearings consist of two raceways (inner and outer) and a set of rollers that are arranged in a cross pattern between the raceways. The rollers are guided by the raceways, which provide a stable and smooth surface for the rollers to move on. This design allows for high precision and rigidity, as the rollers are held in a fixed position relative to each other, which reduces the possibility of any deflection or misalignment.

Some common applications of wire raceway bearings include:

Wire Raceway Bearings

Industrial automation equipment: Wire raceway bearings are commonly used in robotic arms, gantry systems, and other industrial automation equipment, where high precision and rigidity are required.

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