Welding turntable is a special equipment used for welding operations. It can rotate the workpiece at various angles and speeds to facilitate the welder’s welding operations. This equipment is widely used in industries that require precise and efficient welding, such as machine manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemicals, and shipbuilding.

Main components of welding turntable

Base: The base part of the welded turntable that provides stability and support.

Rotary table: a rotatable work table installed on the base and used to fix the workpiece.

Drive system: usually composed of an electric motor and a reducer, responsible for providing rotational power and controlling the speed.

Control system: including electrical control box and operation panel, used to control the rotation speed, angle and direction of the turntable.

Clamp: used to fix the workpiece to keep it stable during the welding process.

Welding turntable

How the welding turntable works

The welding turntable rotates the rotary table through the drive system, and the workpiece is fixed on the rotary table. During the welding operation, the welder or automatic welding equipment can perform welding in a fixed position, and the rotating movement of the turntable ensures that the weld seam is maintained at the optimal welding position and angle.

Clamping the workpiece: The workpiece is fixed on the rotary table by the fixture to ensure that it does not move during the rotation.

Set parameters: Set parameters such as rotation speed, rotation direction and rotation angle through the control system.

Start the equipment: start the welding turntable, and the drive system starts to work, making the turntable and workpiece rotate.

Welding operation: Welders or automatic welding equipment perform welding during the rotation of the workpiece to ensure welding quality and efficiency.

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