There are many commonly used tunnel construction equipment, such as tunnel lining trolleys, excavators, loaders, roadheaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, graders, concrete mixers, asphalt mixing plants, grab machines, conveyors, fans, and dust removal. In addition, more advanced shield machines may also appear in tunnel construction. However, construction equipment is only a part. These construction equipment need to be used with wear-resistant accessories, such as the bucket of the excavator, the bucket of the loader, the bottom plate and liner of the dump truck, the shovel of the bulldozer, the scraper of the grader, Mixer liners and blades, grabs, fan liners, shield machine blades, etc., all need to use a certain strength wear plate according to the environment, such as dump trucks, etc., which require higher wear resistance, such as jfe-c500, jfe-c550 and so on. In addition, the processing and technology of wear-resistant parts can also increase their service life, which can be carried out in specialized wear-resistant steel processing enterprises.

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