The clutch assembly consists of three sets of tractor clutch disc, clutch pressure plate and release bearing. The tractor clutch disc is a composite material with friction as the main function and structural performance requirements. Friction materials are mainly used to manufacture brake friction plates and tractor clutch discs.

The inner end of each release lever of the tractor clutch and the release bearing must be in contact together, so that the vehicle can start smoothly. If the height of the inner end of the disengaged lever is different, the tractor clutch will vibrate when it is tightly connected.

Therefore, during assembly and maintenance, it is necessary to check the contact between the inner ends of each separated lever and the release bearing. It is required that the inner ends of each separated lever be located on the same plane, and the deviation should comply with the original regulations, generally not exceeding 0.25 mm. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted by adjusting the position of the adjustment screw at the inner end of the separated lever or the toe.

For the pulsation damper spring clutch, if the pulsation damper spring is separated, it means that the load on the pulsation damper spring is uneven or reduced due to damage, corrosion, cracking, etc., it must be upgraded. The spring separation means of the pulse damper must be evenly arranged on the center of the circle, and the deviation should not exceed 0.5mm.

More detailed information on how to adjust the height of the tractor clutch lever can be found here: