Three-dimensional cultivation is a three-dimensional model of soilless cultivation. This kind of cultivation is based on vertical gradient layered cultivation through vertical grow racks or in the form of erection and hanging without affecting flat cultivation, so as to improve land utilization. . All kinds of three-dimensional vertical grow racks are reasonably configured to maximize space utilization and ensure production while being more ornamental.

Spiral bionic column cultivation

The vertical grow racks are stacked in series in four directions in a spiral shape, forming a cultivation column, and the column is fixed, which is convenient for installation of the return pipeline. The spiral arrangement is conducive to the uniform lighting of each plant on the column. The matching two kinds of planting covers are conducive to the cultivation selection of a variety of flowers and leafy vegetables; it is conducive to the upright growth of each plant, and improves the commodity and product uniformity of leafy vegetables.

Bed square tube pipe hydroponics

Bed hydroponics consists of a cultivation system, a support and fixation system, a nutrient solution circulation system and a control system. The outer layer of the pipe wall is white and the inner layer is black. The unique double-layer structure prevents sunlight radiation and lowers the pipe temperature while creating an ecologically dark environment for better growth of plants. The dark environment eliminates the conditions for algae production to fundamentally solve the problem of algae associated with hydroponic vegetable production. Diversion grooves are designed on the upper and lower layers of the inner wall to allow the nutrient solution to flow fully and ensure the complete circulation of the nutrient solution.

Plant Grow Rack

Three-dimensional square tube pipe hydroponics

The three-dimensional pipe vertical grow racks is a deformed hydroponics method of bed pipe hydroponics. The horizontal pipes are passed through the brackets to make a space superimposed shape, which makes full use of the space and can form a good viewing effect.

Type A round pipe hydroponics

The A-type hydroponic pipeline is another deformed hydroponics method of the bed pipeline hydroponics. The horizontal pipeline is made into an A-shaped space superimposed through the bracket, which not only makes full use of the space, but also forms a good viewing effect.

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