When it comes to tank trucks, everyone is familiar with them. Most of the oil in gas stations is transported from oil fields by tank trucks. Therefore, many drivers of tank trucks will carry out long-distance transportation for many years, and some drivers tend to ignore some of the vehicles. Detailed maintenance, the following tank truck sales manufacturers will show you the maintenance details of the tank truck.

1. Tank truck body cleaning

Because the tanker runs for a long time, the body will be very dirty. Therefore, the body of the tanker should be cleaned frequently and carefully. It is necessary to know that excessive dirt on the body may cause a short circuit or corrode parts. Always keep the body clean. It can not only prolong the service life of the vehicle, but also keep the appearance of the vehicle beautiful.

2. Maintenance of the tanker bumper

The bumper of a fuel tank truck is different from the body. It can be cleaned with chemical synthetic agents. After cleaning, the bumper is not prone to rust, which is beneficial to prolong its service life.

tank truck

3. Remove tar and asphalt from the car body

Because the removal of asphalt and tar is a chemical synthetic agent, since it is a solvent, do not use it in the body in large quantities. Strictly speaking, only apply it on the surface of asphalt and tar. Therefore, wiping with a cloth dipped in a solvent increases the contact area between the synthetic agent and the asphalt, etc., the effect is better, and the cleaning is easy.

4. Maintenance of the cab steering wheel and brake pedal

The steering wheel is dirty and needs to be cleaned in time, so that the operation of the car linkage will be more agile and comfortable. Before driving, pay attention to check whether the gas and brake pedals are in place, and clean up the sludge on the pedals in time to avoid affecting the driving of the vehicle.

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