All machines will experience wear and tear after a long period of use. When the parts exceed the service life or are damaged beyond repair, they should be scrapped and replaced. The tower crane slewing bearing is prone to failure and damage in the long-term outdoor harsh environment and high-load operation, so to what extent does it meet the scrapping standard of the tower crane slewing bearing?

Scrap standard of tower crane slewing bearing

slewing bearing

1. Slewing bearing raceway ring and rolling element wear and scrap

The wear of raceway rings and rolling elements is one of the common forms of scrapped slewing bearings. When there is raceway pitting on the surface of the slewing bearing, surface metal peeling and overall wear, abnormal noise, rolling element jamming and excessive clearance between the raceway rings will occur in the tower crane during operation, resulting in vibration and local impact. With the development of the state, the slewing resistance will continue to increase and the slewing function will be lost.

2. The slewing bearing cage is damaged and scrapped

In order to avoid mutual friction between the rolling elements, the tower crane slewing bearing usually adds a spacer cage between the rolling elements. The material of the cage is generally copper, plastic, powder metallurgy or mild steel. During the working process of the bearing, the cage does not transmit the load, but it moves with the rolling elements. When the cage is damaged or broken, there will be a sharp and ear-piercing abnormal sound. As the broken body of the cage is pushed and rolled by the rotating rolling body, it will cause serious damage to the raceway ring and the rolling body. At this time, the slewing bearing meets the scrap standard and can be replaced.

3. The slewing bearing gear teeth are damaged and scrapped

The gear meshing methods of tower crane slewing bearing include external tooth meshing and internal tooth meshing. When the surface of the gear teeth is excessively worn, cracks and broken teeth occur. The tooth side clearance of the tower crane slewing bearing gear teeth increases, causing the slewing bearing to lose its function immediately when the tooth is broken, and it cannot be repaired. At this time, the scrapping standard of the tower crane slewing bearing is reached.

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