In fact, refueling trucks, oil trucks, and oil tank trucks have a collective name: tank trucks, but each place is called differently, and the requirements for registration are also different.

The current oil tank trucks are divided into: Dongfeng brand oil tank truck, Jiefang brand oil tank truck, Foton Omark oil tank truck (high-end brand), Foton oil tank truck (the most fuel-efficient model), Jianghuai brand oil tank truck. Also There are heavy trucks, Shaanxi oil tank truck, etc…

According to the tonnage, tank trucks are divided into: blue card 2-ton small tanker, yellow card 5-ton tanker (the most commonly used and cost-effective), 8-ton tanker, 10-ton tanker, 12-ton tanker (single-axle large truck) Tonnage), 15-ton, 20-ton oil tanker (small 3-axle, rear double axle), 25-ton 30-ton tank trucks (front four and rear eight), 40-ton semi-trailer tanker.

oil tank truck

According to the material of the tank, the tanker is divided into: carbon steel tanker (easy to rust), stainless steel tanker (higher cost, anti-corrosion, clean, low tank loss), aluminum alloy tanker (the weight of the tanker Light, anti-corrosion, hygienic, high tank strength). The editor explained it this way, you should know how to choose a tanker that suits you, but you must pay attention to the following aspects in the selection process.

1. Oil tank trucks will encounter many emergencies in the process of oil transportation and refueling. The safety of oil tankers is particularly important when accidents occur. In recent years, oil tanker accidents have emerged one after another. On the one hand, it is due to improper operation and negligence of personnel, and on the other hand, it is related to the car itself. Good products can minimize the loss of accidents.

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