Plant seedling cultivation is a very critical link in plant growth. Currently, there are special plant growth racks for plant cultivation, which can provide good environmental conditions for plant growth. In the process of plant breeding and crop breeding, there are many ways to accelerate the growth rate of plants, one of which is to extend the plant light time, combined with early harvesting of seeds, so that seeds can iterate quickly, thereby reducing the growth of some long-day crops or day-neutral plants cycle.

The plant growth racks adjust temperature, humidity and other parameters through an intelligent control system. The human-machine interface adopts an industrial color hand-touched LCD screen, and has various functions such as program control, light control, temperature control, and sterilization, which can be used to study environmental conditions. The influence of biological life activities and the cultivation, domestication and breeding of certain organisms. The plant growth rack mainly includes a central control system, an enclosure structure, a temperature and humidity system, an intelligent fresh air ventilation system, a lighting system, a cooling system, etc.


1. Central controller: PLC programming, with over-temperature alarm, remote alarm, monitoring, mobile APP real-time viewing, reset, etc.

2. Enclosure part: hexahedral double-sided color steel/stainless steel polyurethane high-density B1 environmental protection insulation material; the ground is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, moisture-proof and mildew-proof.

3. Constant temperature and humidity control system: The new dynamic constant temperature and humidity control system has fast response and high precision.

4. Arbitrary setting of temperature and humidity: Arbitrarily set temperature and humidity control parameters automatically form a local microclimate environment.

5. Fresh air ventilation system: It can be ventilated regularly, with fresh air from the bottom and exhaust from the top.

6. Air curtain isolation system: prevent the exchange of internal and external air flow to save energy consumption.

7. Internal circulation ventilation and humidification system: make the air supply and humidification in the warehouse uniform, and there will be no large temperature deviation in local areas.

8. Lighting system: LED grow lights can be tailored to specific plant growth habits, with long life and high light efficiency.

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