paper tube machine is a type of industrial machinery that is used to manufacture paper tubes. These machines are used to produce paper tubes of different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes, which can be used for a wide range of applications such as packaging, construction, and textiles.

The paper tube machine consists of several components that work together to produce the tubes. Some of the key components of a paper tube machine include:

HT120-IIIASF Paper Tube Machine

Paper roll stand

This is the part of the machine where the paper roll is mounted for unwinding. The paper is fed into the machine from the roll stand.

Gluing unit

This unit applies glue to the paper as it passes through the machine. The glue helps to hold the paper together and form the tube.

Forming section

This section of the machine shapes the paper into a tube by wrapping it around a mandrel. The paper is then glued together to form a continuous tube.

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