Compared with other single products, the compact rack is a systematic project and also includes many service elements. Most customers buy for several years, maybe once every ten years, and it is not by people when they buy. There are inevitably many misunderstandings when buying dense racks. Let’s take a look~

Misunderstandings in choosing a compact rack

Mobile shelving

1. Too much emphasis on low prices and not on the quality of dense racks

Regardless of whether you choose a smart or manual compactor, at the same price point, you need to know which file compactor to choose. Price is often closely related to cost. Low-cost dense racks are not very good in appearance and design due to their low cost and poor quality. Experienced buyers understand that if you buy low-priced items, there are often many unpredictable security risks that cause many problems.

2. Choose the type of file rack at will

When building archives, you must consume rationally, and what suits you is the best. Because you don’t know the types of file racks, and you don’t know which product rack is suitable for you, it is recommended to choose carefully.

If you want your file management to be simpler, more technological and intelligent, and if you have enough money, you can buy a smart shelf. In the manufacturing process, the intelligent shelf is more integrated into the intelligent file management system, with intelligent voice control, security protection, sound and light positioning, and rapid retrieval of file information.

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