When many people renovate their homes, they usually renovate the floor of their homes and renovate the old tiles into new ones. Sometimes, this is not necessary. You can achieve this effect with a simpler method. Then, in detail, we will introduce the polishing and polishing technology of the polishing pad in detail, so that you can have a new look in the home without replacing the new ceramic tile.

1. The traditional construction technology has caused the polishing pad to be very rough and filthy. Even if it has not been delivered, it will be dirty, and it will cause serious obstacles to daily hygiene termite control. However, as time went by, there were very prominent problems in actual use: the polishing pad was weathered, abraded, stained, and dull. China has used nearly 5 billion square meters of polishing pads in buildings. How the floor refurbishment film restores the weathered and abraded polishing pad to its original beauty and beauty is an increasingly urgent problem to be solved in the building decoration industry.

2. Facing the weathering and abrasion of the polishing pad, the only way at home and abroad is to remove the dirt on the surface of the stone and apply a layer of wax. Many people think that after waxing, they can keep the tiles transparent. In fact, this method can only temporarily keep the tiles bright and bright, and the duration of the tiles is only one week, so this method is not feasible.

3. In order to re-form the protective film on the polishing pad floor, it is necessary to polish the polishing pad floor. The weathered, abraded aging layer of the polishing pad surface can be shaved with a polishing pad ground grinding machine to expose the fresh layer and then mechanically maintained.

After understanding the above knowledge, we know that after polishing the polishing pad polishing technology, I feel that this technology is quite good, but the effect is not very big, and the maintenance time is not very long, so the technology still needs to be improved. However, this is a very practical and simple and easy way to operate the ground.