Diamond polishing pad is suitable for portable electric or pneumatic grinding machine, and then the joint is connected, the power is 750-1500W, and the number of revolutions is 2000-10000. When working, apply a certain pressure to the machine while running water on the surface of the stone to be ground 4-5 times, and then the finer No. 1 grinding disc can be replaced.

Many people are accustomed to using a polishing pad, because the polishing pad is polished deeper, it is not prone to scratches, and there is no dust. Dry grinding is relatively shallow compared to grinding, and the amount of dust is relatively large, and scratches are more likely to occur.

Resin polishing pad

In fact, the water mill cannot meet all different floors, especially the ground with very poor strength and severe sanding. Such ground cannot be blistered. If it is a water mill, I am afraid that the loess can be seen. It does not matter. You can choose dry grinding or sanding. As long as the ground is cleaned up and no gravel is brought into the chassis, there will be no scratches.

The dry ground will be more delicate and gloss better. According to many years of experience, choosing high-quality polishing pads has better wear resistance, which can save you more costs.

Requirements for the use of diamond polishing pads


1. Before work, the diamond polishing pad must be fixed, and the positioning of the profile must be in accordance with the direction of the knife, so as to avoid abnormal cutting. Remember that you must not apply side pressure to the cutting of the curve, so the cutter The entry of the diamond pad must be stable, and serious impact between the blade and the workpiece should not be allowed. If the impact is too large, it will definitely cause accidents such as damage to the diamond polishing pad or flying out.6-inch-diamond-polishing-pads

2. During work, if there is abnormal vibration or sound, or the cut surface is rough, and when there is a peculiar smell, you must stop working immediately, take timely inspection and treatment, and work only after the failure is determined to avoid unnecessary failures .

3. Regardless of whether it is starting or ending cutting, do not allow the feed speed to be too fast, because if the speed is too fast, it is easier to cause tooth breakage and damage. If you need to cut metal or aluminum alloy, you must use a special cooling lubricant, because if the diamond polishing pad is overheated, it is easier to produce paste teeth, or other aspects of damage, no matter what kind of damage will affect the entire cutting the quality of.

4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, special cooling lubricants should be used to prevent the polishing pad from overheating, resulting in paste teeth, and other damage, which affects the cutting quality.

5. The equipment chip trough and slag suction device ensure unobstructed, to prevent the accumulation of slag and block, which affects production and safety.

6. When dry cutting, please do not continue cutting for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the polishing pad; wet cutting should be cut with water to prevent leakage.

Scope of use of diamond polishing pad


Diamond polishing pad is the longest-used type of polishing blade, because polishing pads of different particle sizes can be selected according to different polishing materials. It can be mainly used for fine grinding, rough grinding and polishing, and can also be used according to different needs Match different refurbishing machines with habit, and carry out corresponding processing according to different grinding materials and grinding methods, and finally achieve the desired effect.

Because the diamond polishing pad has a relatively complete particle size and color system and relatively good flexibility, whether it is used in the processing of special-shaped stones such as marble and granite, it is more handy.