Canteens are very familiar to us. There are canteens in major universities and middle schools. The dining halls that make us remember are the dining tables and chairs. How much do you know about dining hall dining tables and chairs? What are the sizes of dining tables and chairs in the cafeteria?

The school dining table and chair is a kind of dining utensils, and its materials are relatively extensive, mainly based on the style of connecting the tabletop and the chair. It is often used in major colleges and universities, specifically for students and employees to eat. The size of the school dining table and chair should be designed according to its shape. In fact, in life, the school dining table and chair that we have seen are relatively rich in shape, including one-piece, backrest, etc., including four people , Six-person, eight-person, etc. The specifications are: four persons 1200x1650x750 (mm), six persons 1600x1650x750 (mm), eight persons 2000x1650x750 (mm)

The dining table produced by our company is the mainstream dining table currently used in schools. The appearance is beautiful, the sitting feeling is comfortable, and it is suitable for a wider range of people.


1. The raw materials of the dining table and chairs come from Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel high-quality steel, and the quality is effectively guaranteed;

2. The table top is made of stainless steel (with MDF inside), wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, fire-resistant, beautiful and firm;

3. The table frame is made of high-quality stainless steel square tube, the thickness can be customized to fully meet the needs of customers. The surface of the frame body is treated with degreasing, rust removal and phosphating, special coating electrostatic spraying, high temperature plasticization, and the appearance is flat and beautiful without rust and anti-corrosion. Corrosion, in line with QB/T2383-1998 light industry standard;

4. The gray-white fireproof board tabletop is formed by high-frequency hot pressing once, and the two-side PVC straight edge design is strong and has good bearing capacity;

5. The seat back is made of PP engineering plastic injection molding, with beautiful appearance, comfortable sitting feeling, stable and durable.

Many people say that details determine success or failure, so when dealing with the question of buying restaurant tables and chairs, you must not buy hastily. Before buying, you can contact a reliable manufacturer to discuss this issue. If the price given by the other party can be accepted by you, you can give priority to it. However, the quality of tables and chairs should be the primary consideration in the purchase process.