A horizontal vibrating screen is a type of screen that uses a horizontal oscillating motion to move material across the screen surface. It is commonly used in the process of screening bulk materials such as aggregates, coal, minerals, and other materials. The primary purpose of a vibrating screen is to separate and classify particles based on size.

Horizontal vibrating screen components

High Frequency Dehydration Vibrating Screen

Screen Deck: The screen deck is the surface where the material is placed for screening. It typically consists of multiple layers or levels of screens with different-sized openings.

Vibration Mechanism: Horizontal vibrating screens use a horizontal, linear motion to move material along the screen deck. This motion is generated by an unbalanced eccentric shaft or electric motor that imparts a vibrating force to the screen box.

Screening Media: The screening media, such as wire mesh, polyurethane, or rubber panels, is responsible for separating particles based on their size. The choice of screening media depends on the specific application and the characteristics of the material being screened.

Drive Unit: The drive unit consists of the motor and other components that generate the vibrating motion. It can be positioned at one end of the screen or in the center, depending on the design of the vibrating screen.

Support Structure: The screen is supported by a sturdy frame or structure that provides stability and allows for proper installation.

Horizontal vibrating screen working principle

Arc Vibrating Screen

A horizontal vibrating screen is a type of mechanical equipment that uses a horizontal motion to perform its screening operation. The working principle of a horizontal vibrating screen involves the following key elements.

Screen Deck: The screen deck is the surface where the material to be screened is placed. It can be made of various materials, and the choice depends on the application and the type of material being processed.

Vibrating Motor or Exciter: Horizontal vibrating screens are equipped with one or more vibrating motors or exciters. These motors generate the vibratory motion needed for the screening process. The motors are usually positioned on the sides of the screen and connected to the screen deck.

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